Zimkitha, Mariana or Khagan?

I only have 6 rings and not sure which one level up first.

i dont recommand khaghan at alll … he is worst

I suspect the answer will be Zim, what what does the rest of your lineup look like and are you more orientated to raids, wars, titans?


I won to replace Natalia

Well definitely not Khagan, so that leaves the other two. If you already have a red sniper I’d go with Zim, if not I’d do Marj. They’re both valuable heroes.

Based on your setup - it seem that you r lacking sniper heroes. How do you want to play?
Isarnia w/ Zim able to hit hard due to the lower defense n wipe all heroes. (Which i am doing - but i got 2 snipers w me on my setup - Lianna & Sartana)

I would go for Zim being she can cleanse everyone w buff + dmg all. Unless you need sniper then go for Marj. Hope this help.

I’d go zimkitha. Use isarnia tank and flank with Zim and Zel.

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Personally, I would take Dom out and have Nat and Zimkitty flank Isarina. Your lineup COULD look like this: Zeline, ZimKitty, Isarina, Nat, Delilah. Zeline wipes them, ZimKitty cleans/buffs you, Isarina hurts all, Nat burns one, Delilah heals all and summons a minion.

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I’d say I’d wait for now. At least 2 weeks. Is’s 50:50 between Marjana and Zim. I was lucky to encounter several fully ascended Zims in raids and I don’t think there was anything I should be scared off. Zelline, Hel, Grevemaker, Insarnia, Yunan or any of good snipers (Alasie, Lianna) all were constant game-changing threats. Not Zim. But that’s only my opinion, maybe there is someone who had worse experience with her than I had.


LOL @ Zimkitty :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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So, it is now not just my opinion, but more people agree with it. Zim is an average hero, which may have perfect use against e.g. green titans, but only a little use in a defense team. She poses absolutely minimal threat and cleansing is not as important as it looked like. Especially when you leave timing in the hands of AI. Simple question to any player: there are no effects in place and 2 defending heroes ( Zim and Zeline) fully charged and ready to fire. It is your turn and you have 2 snipers also fully charged (Marjana and Sartana) and they together can kill one defender. Who do you kill - Zeline or Zim ? Everyone who plays top levels (2700+cups) will answer: Zeline. Zim is a nice hero, with a fancy Sony walkman, but not to the level of the others. Marjana is much better choice for your team size.

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I have only 2 of the 3 heroes listed, Marjana and Zim, I’m a fan of fast heroes so i do recommend 1 of these 2, I have Marjana maxed awhile ago and Zim is still a baby atm, I can tell you I haven’t used Marjana for green titans yet since maxed, I use a team of 4*s for titans instead and they just do better than her, but I use her in raid a lot and she did fine in my defence team. For zim I did watch Anchor’s video, I do think she is great in offence team, and a little less in defence team but I’m sure Zim is better then Marjana for titans.

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I have the same dilemma… I
Can choose between marjana and zimkitha… since I have 5 5* already leveled, I will probably wait and see if I get a better 5* since no one seems to think zimkitha is OP and I don’t really need marjana…

Having Zim, I can tell you that the correct answer is Marj. Zim may have a slight edge for offense if you run red stacks, they just about break even for Titan (Marjana is better if you’re willing to use cheap items to boost attack, Zim might be slightly better if you don’t have BT and can’t afford items), and Marjana is definitely better for defense. As much as I love Nat, Marj will be a definite upgrade for defense. Eventually you’ll want Zim at 80, to make that red stack with Marj and Nat that much more lethal, but Marjana provides the largest immediate improvement to your team.


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