Zimkitha execlusive hero on november

Zimkitha worth it or not?

I say yes, I’d try for her if i wasnt already saving for Evelyn

I’m waiting for the pros to tell me what I’m missing, which is often. Right now I just don’t see a spot for her except for green titans where she would save on flasks and do some light healing.

Guardians is coming up so she may pop up when I pull for those but I won’t be pulling as
Much as I normally do because panther is about t have competition.

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I’d say yes, the dispel is really handy and there aren’t many characters with that specific skill, and definitely none that are fast mana. Everything else, to me, is just icing on the cake; though, her attack and buff are pretty weak. She’s one I hope to pull, but not one I’d go out of my way just to get.


Yup, agree with the above. Fast cleanse is good enough for her to be good, rest is just bonus.


Who are you referring to when you say panther is about to have completion?

very strong hero is obtained :slightly_smiling_face:

Next months HotM, who is in essence a green panther. I assume that’s what he was referring to.
So not really competition for panther, but a green version.


She’s definitely a great hero to have for raids. I don’t raid all that often though, I basically only fight other people in wars, so my focus is typically on titans and events. I find she falls a little flat there since her main asset can be easily replaced by an antidote. Even if I got her I’d probably just stick with G. Falcon, Boldtusk, Gravemaker, Wilbur, and Tarlak for green titans.

I think I’ll save my gems for next month to get a shot at Evelyn, which will be huge for blue titans.

Yeah, I meant as competition for my gems. I have other reds and purples that I would use over the HOTM and panther. I’ll take both but I’m not going to be deestated if I fail to pull either

Falcon. Jackle and Evelyn (if I don’t pull panther). Will be a must.

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She’s a red zeline that removes ailments instead of dispels, flank the two in the same lineup and should be a solid combo


Sure. Have you seen anybody who can cure, is 5* and has fast mana?
She is good.


I need her in my life but so far it is not yet meant to be. Maybe during the event.

I blame my hex on Atlantis throwing a 2nd Natalya my way. Their way of telling me the one I have sitting at 70 should get my rings…

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Pulled her first day. Unfortunately I don’t have the rings to fully max her

jealous…I got the rings. Missing 2 hidden blades but would surely get those before she hit 70 I would think.

Squattin on 12 rings and 20 blades

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Me as well. Just haven’t found the right red to use them on. Zim would get 6 of them for sure, but, alas, she has evaded me thus far :disappointed_relieved:

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Still got some time left.

I’m sitting on 7 rings and 6 hidden blades myself.

Hoping she comes to me during the event!

Not going to try to get her until Atlantis at the end of this month. But is she and our resident 5* feline warrior Azlar of same / close species? Has Azlar finally found out that he is “not” the Last of the Leors?

Looking at the max stats, she out classes him with exception of attack and has more secondary/tertiary abilities. Lions, contrary to what Disney may have you believe, are a matriarchal society.

Just pulled her spending a coin still trying to get Victor.

I have the rings but no blades and 5 other reds sitting on 60 waiting for blades. That and Ares is getting all the food.

I’ll have her on standby but right now the only hero I’d put her in front of (that I have) is Kahgan. I need Elena and Azlar for the tile damage. I might put her ahead of Marjana as I’m not using red snippers.