Zimkitha 3/70 OR Wilbur 4/70 - Who's better?

I know they’re completely different and have different purposes… but I’m not sure who to focus on next. So let’s get this out of the way: I don’t have the mats to take Zim all the way. Also, I already have 2 rainbow teams close to maxed. Boldtusk (MAX) and Kelile (3/60, my first 4*) are my red heroes in those teams.

I was lucky enough to get both Wilbur and Zimkitha recently. I’m not too sure who to work on next for red as they are both awesome in their own right. I level 5 rainbow heroes at a time, one of each color and will start working on my 3rd team next. Just not sure who to pick next for red.

Thanks for your advice.

Wilbur. He is absolutely huge against titans, and powerful on offense. He’s certainly better than any red 5* at 3/70. He is probably better than Zimkitha at 4/80.


OK OK OK… I know deep down you are right… I was just super excited to get a decent 5*. I guess one day I’ll get to work on a 5*… I have 27 x 4* but only 2 x 5*. Aegir and Zim. Both sleeping on my bench… it’s kind of sad. Aegir I don’t know if he’s worth it, but Zim seems solid with fast magic.

For titans my absolute all-star has been Wu Kong. I feel like Wilbur would stack well with him.

It’s really difficult to compare. I’d have to say that Wilbur is more beneficial in more situations, but the alternative to having/using Zimithika is to use two heroes to mimic her abilities and those heroes are average speed. When Zimithika is a better choice, she’s a much better choice. I’d have to agree with Doc for a few reasons though. Firstly, it’s much easier to max out a 4* than it is to max out a 5*. You could probably max Wilbur and then go on to finish Zimithika without missing much time at all. That puts Wilbur first.

Wilbur is much better against titans and in certain AW/Raid combinations. That also places Wilbur first.

Zimithika is the only fast 5* hero that cleanses, boosts, does damage and heals (some) while boosting all other Fire heroes. In situations where she is useful, she is very, very useful. She is also the answer to Zeline on Raids. That means a bunch. She’s much better than people make her out to be. But when comparing usefulness and ability to max quickly, Wilbur takes the lead.

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Thanks gents for the insight. Much appreciated.

Seems like the wise choice at this point.

Wilbur. Easy to up and great on raids and titan.

Zim is just the icing on the cake. Not necessarily a core character.

I agree with all the other comments, but I also want to ask you to consider your rainbow leveling strategy. Now that you are 2 deep in every color, it’s time to assess your needs character/skill wise. Where are you already strong and where are the gaps in your line up?

For example, Aegir seems to be a really, really strong tank when paired with a couple of red flankers.

Anyway, yes it would require forfeiting the same color 20% bonus for ascending, but it is worth asking if your immediate and intermediate term needs are being met for team growth.