Zim vs gormek vs BT

Hello guys and gals,

I’ll try to be quick with the description. But first I feel I have to give you some background info.

I’m completely f2p and will be staying that. That means any 4*+ heroes - but more importantly - ASCENSION MATS are premium for me, which means my goals are towards activities that bring the most of them. I’m mostly focused on:

  • events! (lots of guaranteed mats)
  • raiding (higher league, better chance at mats)
  • titans & aw (lower priority, since they’re more of a teamwork things)

Which brings us to my dilemma: which one should I lvl and ascend first.

  • Boldtusk - one of the best 4*, healer and buffer, premium for epic lvl events. But already have two other 4* healers and a buffer, which means his buff will get overrided and stuff…

  • Gormek - the worst of those three, but if you look at my roster, I don’t have ANY 4*sniper/def debuffer and that makes me think he might be the best choice to ascend right now. Also premium for epic tier events

  • Zim - 5*, seemingly quite good, jack of all trades, but kinda useless for me right now. Have rigard for cleanses, have kiril/brienne for buffs, aoe seems quite weak, don’t have good heroes to stack her with to use the element link healing. Also bear in mind that she will stay at 3/70 for a looooooong time (6months? 12? 2years?).

Any insight greatly appreciated :*

First get Gormek …
He is one of my best attackers.
He has the best HP among all the 4☆s in TC20. His debuff is very handy.
Then get BT you will need him when ever you get in event that has green reflection then reds are important and will be your best tank tho as Kiril aint a tank and wont be good in green events too …
And my advic is to have at least 1 maxed 4☆ solid rainbow team before even think in maxing a 5☆ hero.
5☆ heroes need tons of food and feeders and will dry your hard as hell to find AMs as you are F2P.
After your first rainbow team of maxed 4☆s … you maybe try to get Zim to 3^70 and stop her there till you get the 6 rings. Who knows maybe SG get us better heroes from WonderLand events with more important skills.
Also Zim at 3^70 will do just fine with her skill.

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I vote with @Jedon.

I hope you have completed the Mt. Umber quest that’s up, @krooku! Between that and the Santa Challenge, there are two rings. Mt. Umber runs about every two months, so over the course of the year you can get 6 Mystic Rings just from these Rare Quests. My C2P account (which never buys mats) has accumulated 12 rings since starting almost a year ago.

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The real question is: can I complete the Mt. Umber with that team? :stuck_out_tongue: I’m at 5th in advanced right now, think the most I can do is 9th mission or whatever it is (3000power, epic token and trainer).

EDIT: sry, mixed things up, Umber completed, 5th advanced at santa challenge and think its no-go past 9th mission


Yeah, Santa is tough. Read the advice threads on that quest, but you may not have the horsepower.

Actually, looking at your full roster, Proteus is super useful for the events and seasonal with nasty specials flying around. With some mana pots, bombs, and dragon bombs, you can basically keep MN, Buddy and Santa Mana locked until you can burn them down.

The problem is, I’m not sure if you have enough remaining time to level Proteus to be not-too-squishy for the fights.

Good point. Actually I am leveling him now, we’ll see if he gets useful quick enough.

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