Zim/Kage Positioning...Flank or Wing?

Zim - Kage - Guin - Khiona - Evelyn

Can Zimkitha perform at wing? My gut tells me she would do better at flank with but I like the idea of double purple surrounding Guin.

Rainbow isnt an option…no 5* blue yet. Perhaps Wonderland/March HotM will be kind.

This is good defence line
Guin flanked by 2 purples is very good.
Zim is more annoying in corner, as a flank she is too easy to kill

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Use the hero utality there … will help you knowing each best place for every hero in your roster.

My basic guideline to position priorities from best choice to worst.


  1. Alby or MN - Left Flank
  2. Guardian Owl
  3. All fast heroes except Zeline
  4. All average heroes except healers
  5. Very fast heroes
  6. Slow Heroes and healers


  1. Zeline
  2. All very fast heroes
    3 . Slow heroes
  3. Healers
  4. All other average speed heroes
  5. All other fast heroes
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