🕵 Zila Lei – S4 Hero – 4* Ice/ Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

I just had my Zila Lei maxed and fully emblemed (all swords path) this week and currently used on offense in the raid tourney. She is hyped but full of :poop: !!! I will give her until the end of this current raid tourney (or maybe until next time) and if I am not satisfied with her performance, I will not hesitate using a reset token on her to retrieve the emblems.


I’ve almost got Zila Lei maxed. She performs beautifully! Can’t wait to try her with Sonya. :wink:

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What is wrong with her performance?

Do you mind sharing your thoughts?

I felt exactly the same as you about her. I levelled her up asap and max emblemed her attack route, the stats seemed absolutely amazing for a 4* hero, but… And thats a huge but. Her hitting only the wings dosnt benefit the fight at all when using her on attack. I always aim to kill the tank first, i dont care if the wings have defence down or not. Also her special attack’s damage was absolutely garbage, even against 4* heroes. I used her through 1 tournament (not the current one) so i had enough testing of her. Did also use her on wars against 5* heroes, yeah I dont recommend that. The damage she dealt was close to nothing. And the defence down is useless when its on wings.

On attack, absolutely no help for me except for her stats made usually her the last hero to stand. But if there was many enemies left it didnt make any difference if she was the last one standing, her damage is just garbage. I feel bad that some people here have used their aethers on her. Cant tell about her on defence though, but I wouldnt use my aethers on a hero that just sits on defence but when you play her yourself it just is garbage.



Well, @Quiet did that job perfectly. Read his post above.

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Honestly, I feel similarly about Jabberwock. He kinda sucks on PvP offense. Defense is another story though…and he’s good on maps!


I have two Zila’s. One maxed and one still at 1/1. Is it usefull to use two Zila’s on attack ? First one to give defense debuffer to the wings and the second for the finish.

I’d say that is a high risk strategy. Depending on how you emblem her, she can be fairly fragile. But I actually like her speciaI. I Have two myself but can’t really justify levelling up the second one atm. She also requires a support hero or so I believe. (I prefer a splash attack over the use of snipers). I can’t imagine her being effective on defence either.

I took the defense health path on the talent grid as much as possible, so this is mine.

Not mine, but encountered it today and was impressed with the stats!


But now i have beefy army of whole op heros so mehhh who needs joberwack😁

She is not a bad hero but if you compare with common blue 4* and 3* she is not that great in any situation. The mosconception comes from the fact that her special is similar to Jabberwock’s, but the thing is her damage is very limited. 185% even if Limit Broken and fully emblemed is not so great

Let me elaborate and compare with similar heroes like:

  • Costume Kiril (-34% def down, attack down, heal) - Provides survivability and increases damage
  • Costume Gunnar (-44% def down, 5 turns) - Best non 5* blue def down and increases damage output for 2 more turns than her
  • Grimm ( -34% def down, 6 turns, high tile damage) - Increases damage output for 3 more turns than her

Given that, I can see why people who are missing the above heroes would level and use her in various places of the game, but if that is not the case I don’t find her really valuable

Anyone who has 2 of them?
I don’t, but if they both flank a good tank, I can see them as awesome defensive hero’s.
The advantage = you know which opponent hero’s you’re (systematically) targeting, likewise with def down AND if they attack at the same time its a win with 1st def down, but if they don’t attack at the same time its difficult for the opponent to time his dispell.

Just curious :wink:

I kept two but one just sits there at 1/1 waiting for me to bite the bullet and do something with her. Situationally she can be quite okay imo.

I got her today. I really like her design, her special skill on pappers read really powerful and the icing on the cake is that shes fast speed. I was going to level her over frank costume, grimm or sonya before i read this thread.

Soo many dissapointing reviews :pensive:

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Personally I’d take a costume Sonya over Zila any day but she has a niche use but has to be used appropriately. If you have no snipers charged, the defense down on the flanks is useless, the more times you use her, the more effective she becomes as when you get to flanks, tiles are deadly again.

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