🕵 Zila Lei – S4 Hero – 4* Ice/ Blue: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Good day @Drewrobi :sunrise_over_mountains:

Definitely normal def. down heros
will not stack w/ other normal def. down heros
I am thinking that is your talking point.

If @SNE is wondering if any Defense down will stack,? Answer is yes it will stack via Normal Defense down hero w/ Elemental Defense down heros.
Pulverizing loss of defense hits the target of the Elemental Def. Down when stacked together.

Thank you @Drewrobi for letting @SNE better understand that 2 normal/ regular defense down heros’ specials won’t stack.

Moreover in a sense,
Thank you for staying on topic and answering the question in the thread about Zila Lei synergy w/ other heros.

I too am thinking same in some utility w/snipers and the attack all heros, primarily. Your input is helpful & appreciated. Thanks again!

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No it doesn’t but stack with elemental defense down and villains

@MonsterMonty that is good news indeed!!
Congrats on that terriffic outcome of 24-1!

Thank you for jumping into this puzzle about Zila Lei synergy better suited w/ which heros.

I’m sure it was fun-tastic to watch Zila Lei smash down the mana of those book end heros… lol. & you would give her credit as a key component in your team’s performance.
Exactly my thinking.

Could you share a screenshot of any of the teams you used in the tournament? Help us see a working option for the new hero Zila Lei?
You didn't place her into defense too did you? I've seen Jabberwock in many defensive slots in Raid arena and Wars.

I always wanted jobby but unfortunate to get him so when i have zila its all im utilizing her and she gave me good results! We can burst tank by colour stacking but bit difficult to kill wing heros with tile daage so zila is perfectly working her


Yessssssss @MonsterMonty 👏👏👏👏

Same. :yum:

this is me in top1%


I only asked my question because the original version of the op.included defence down but it has now changed to elemental defence down. It makes sense now. Thanks for the replies.

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4 Zilas + kiril should do the job perfectly

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@Artamiss :wave:


I’m in Platinum (always cycling between 1800 and 2000 trophies).
My team power is 3522 and I can consistently smash teams upto 4000 power
I have been dreaming of a faster DEF-DOWN hero for quite some time now as an alternative to Frank in my team (have had him since last Halloween).
Zila Lei is the answer to my prayers. Fast Mana, Attacker and DEF-DOWN (admittedly 10% lower and 1 turn less than Frank), and she hits ONLY the Wings.
Most often, when you face tanks like Boril or Kashrek or Cyprian or Elena, you want to attack just the wings and debuff or ride out the counterattack or heal.
So Zila Lei is perfect to counter that. Kill the wings ASAP, heal up and destroy the central 3.
Which heroes to pair?
My top choice:
Sonya (or some blue Sniper)
Both Zila and Sonya will charge at the exact same time.
Let’s say enemy has a counter-attacking tank or annoying healer like Kashrek at the center.
So Zila fires - hits wings, def-down. Sonya snipes the weakened wing and debuffs other heroes, so central 3 vulnerable now.
Also remember that Zila has 30% higher damage on her first instance of special skill.
So all the more reason to have a same speed sniper to capitalize on this.

Other heroes
Kelile (same reason as Sonya) - fast sniper. Zila and she will deliver the 1-2 knockout punch on the wings.


I level rushed to fill Zila last month when she 1st appeared… and while she is good, she has not been great in my use so far. For Platinum level sure. Fine, even great there. In 5 star land that is diamond level and wars where every team is 4000 plus power, she is NOT Jabberwock light. she is Jabberwock ultra light/alcohol free. Yes, the defense down is one of the best if not the best skill in the game, however she simply doesnt hit as hard as Jabberwock and in Diamond level you feel it really quick. Defense down or not, 185 damage isnt nearly 300…and against tougher enemies, its simply not as effective. I have shelved her again because she does her thing, but it wasnt winning battles as much as when I was running Kiril as my blue 4. In fact, noticably less.

But perhaps thats just me,


I think she is another hero bound to tournaments as soon as the roster becomes deep and good enough. I have kept two but at the moment I see her only in 4* no green bloody tournaments.

Not because she is bad but just because I have better options.

EDIT: I forgot to underline that her class is a minus to me, competing with many other important heroes or emblems.

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My Zila Lei is currently +10, so far so good. Might not versatile due too her special is only aim on edge opponent, but surprisingly useful once your heroes are fully charged mana and able to take down edge opponent within same round. So fast mana speed is good balance on that.

But I think defense -34% on opponent is still a bit underpower, may be better if -44% but slightly weaker attack say 165%.

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Grimm’s last 6 turns while Kiril-c does 3. I find the combo Kiril + Grimm much more efficient, especially at titans.

In diamond I only use 4 stars because of their effects (Sonya, Melendor…) I have to admit that all the 4-star heroes who deal damage (Triton, Scarlett, etc.) are limited by nature in this area.

If Zila is very impactful in epic tournaments and events, that is more than enough for me!

Been a while but may as well add my two cents. Too compare Zila Lei


Just saw this on a Facebook group and came here to share. That’s just wrong, if you ask me.

It’s a huge shift for ppl that can’t get the 5* mats or pay all the emblem costs. This means raiding with 4* could be really relevant since you can have 4* heroes instead of 5*

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The thing that I’m scared of is: how 5* heros will look like after their limits are broken? -_-
The only good thing is that there should be more boosted 4* than 5* heros, but still… :slight_smile:

I just had my Zila Lei maxed and fully emblemed (all swords path) this week and currently used on offense in the raid tourney. She is hyped but full of :poop: !!! I will give her until the end of this current raid tourney (or maybe until next time) and if I am not satisfied with her performance, I will not hesitate using a reset token on her to retrieve the emblems.