🐼 Zhuge Liang – 5* Holy / Yellow from War of the Three Kingdoms

You need to set his minions behind hulda’s motega anastasia, bera freya etc. Is not great… But he is best when paired with fellow minion makers.

Its not. His minions at 3-70 are only 114 hp

He does 50% of the damage dealt


ok thanks thats really weird.

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Its because its not the minion that is doing the counter attack. The minion gives a buff to the hero , who is doing the counterattack. So even if the minion soaks up some of that damage (and dies) , its still a 500 damage hit and 250 of it is returned.

Yeah but the tiles i think are counted each which definitly limits the damage potential.

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Oh absolutely. Biggest weak point is tiles especially if his minion isn’t protected by huldas. But if the attacker has to burn tiles to clean the counterattack before firing their special, it buys time for the team to charge i see that as a win. But mine is sitting at 3-70 until i have 12 darts, then he might get some.

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I want to like the guy… I have heroes that would pair well with him, but I’m not pulling the trigger.

I have costume joon, aouda, jackal, lady woolerton, a second habitats and maybe griffin who i want in the pipeline before him.

I have a pile of Darts lying around and I’m not pulling the trigger on him until he gets a much needed buff.

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Good joke buddy :rofl: :rofl:

He 100% needs a buff. I’m sure SGs analytics will tell them that, just before the next Wo3K event rolls around.
A little damage, some more minion HP, or a faster mana speed.

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He isn’t getting used… I have seen him maybe twice and i don’t recall him being much of a factor.

I was temporarily delighted when I was able to obtain Zhuge Liang. Unfortunately, however, he had fatal flaws. First, his mana speed is [slow] even though he cannot directly damage the enemy with his skills. The minion’s counter ability is attractive, but it is too weak to function.
At the very least, we need to increase the mana speed and the minion’s strength.
Also, since he is a military strategist, I think it would be interesting to see “Zhuge Liang-ness” if a negative effect reflection or something similar could be added to his skills.


Finally found another Zhuge tank, sent as many tiles as I could into him. He fired. Was able to overcome his minions quite easily, taking a little damage. The fiends weren’t that big of an issue. I really don’t know what his purpose is. Is he a meat shield? Absolutely not. The minions are too weak for that. Counterattack hero? Nope, again minions too weak. He deals no direct damage for being slow. I really don’t see his purpose. The best thing he has going for him is his tanky stats. His special leaves so much to be desired at slow speed. If any new hero screams buff, it’s him


I found 1 too, lost first time and was legit because of him. But I think if you don’t have the right tiles, he can overpower you eventually. Even the second round he gave me a hard time at the beginning. But once I received the right tiles, he pretty much is insignificant

Funny how I pulled both this guy and Papyros recently… both are yellow, both summon minions, and both are mostly useless. Will remain at 1/1 in my roster, unfortunately.

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I finally pulled the trigger on him feeding him darts. So far in testing a specific line up it is working well on offense. Once he is finished and emblemed ill see how he does on defense with this specific line up.

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I don’t understand how Liu Bei can have the same minions spawned with the counterattack, plus 340% to 3 and be average. So, basically what SG is saying is a fiend is so powerful that it doesn’t need damage and warrants slow speed. I don’t understand it at all. Zhuge needs to have some damage dealt or beefier minions to stay slow.


The fiends act as negative health against healers… So there’s that… But i don’t find it compelling enough to give him darts. Maybe… If the girls also reduced healing by 20%… Or eliminated dodge our taunt… Then… Yeah… I can see the value in that.

Zhuge works with gargoyles. The minion provide reflect… Stone skin drops damage to 1, but the reflected damage is at 50% of what would have been… So the minion survives, the reflect stays in place, and as long as you don’t have very slow kalo, it could work a few times in a single raid.

In towers when you get the boss level mana… Probably would work really well.

I stopped at 2/60 as it seemed meh. Wish I ran into him more often so I could gauge his effectiveness but that might be a clue that he’s missing something! Saw him once on a raid. That’s it. He might be ok on offense. Looked for videos on YouTube featuring him but very little

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