🐼 Zhuge Liang – 5* Holy / Yellow from War of the Three Kingdoms

Noor has been a pain in my balls… Dumb telluria hitting like a noodle and belonging up @ beefy minion… But that we my dumb fault for bringing a bad team against her.

Maybe I didn’t phrase it right, I don’t mean standalone like that, I should know this more than anyone else about team synergy. It’s what this hero can bring to support not just himself but also the others. Self reliance is what I’m trying to say. Right now, he relies too much on other summoners to work

I could imagine him with Freya as well. Have none of those other summoners

I’m on the fence about Zhuge Liang. I think he has the potential but hard to say for sure without actually using him as described.

However, I have heard the same argument about Myztero (he needs others to keep him alive) and I know that it is an absolutely symbiotic relationship. Those others keep Myztero alive and he provides the firepower to kill the enemy. Similarly here I think it would be a 2 way street with other summoners protecting his minions and then his minions protecting everyone and whitting down the enemy for a potentially unending number of turns (this could work particularly well in PVE I would imagine).

I have motega and i run pengi with him and Anastasia… If i get a really good yellow board… Ana provides the minions, and i let motega charge for blinding fiends… It’s a great pairing and then pengi does what he does. If i didn’t have motega… Could this fella fill that role… And the answer is probably, Ana’s minions as the meat shield to protect the reposite minions… But it isn’t nearly as good. There are times when i charge both motega and Anna and let pengi destroy… Then there are times i need their minions to prevent my other peeps from dying…

I’ll 100% grant this guy isn’t my favorite… Maybe a touch flawed… But… There’s a role for him… Just gotta have enough roster flexibility to find it.

That’s the thing, it’s not easy to talk about team synergy in this game. Because no two players have the same roster. So the only thing I can critique objectively is his qualities and what he can bring onto the table by himself first. The synergies can come later
Also the term ‘team synergy’ is such a grey area of discussion that even I am not confident in tackling

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I don’t understand why everyone says he is underwhelming. Just faced him limit broken in the current yellow tournament and I had zero chance. Of course I would have been better of with a counter team with Bera-Xnol-Kage, but guys when he fires it is game over. That fiend is brutal with 64%, the minions, even if they are not that beefy, have serious impact and on top of that he gets mana and heal for every effing additional minion that is summoned with other portal family members.

When everyone screamed for a Pengi-Buff I could agree to a certain point, but this hero here is, even in his slow speed, absolutely over the top.

Otherwise I have to say that heroes like the 2022 release candidates push me towards not spending any money anymore, so I guess this is a good thing… :slight_smile:

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I did a 10 summon this W3K and got Diaochan and Him

I faced him in a tournament today and he annihilated the ■■■■ out of me.

I’m happy I get to use and ascend him.

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I’m none slow leveling fogg and zhuge. In 2 months I’ll get to see what both can do. Dumb lack of feeders.

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I have just fought one on defence and was kinda meh by the performance.
First match I lost because the others were doing the work. By the time he fired, match was pretty much concluded.
Second match he was too slow. Didn’t help that he was placed behind. He needs to be place in front for him to fire as much as possible. Then I copied him with loki, the minion could survive 1 slash attack and that’s all. Requires very precise timing for the minion to work
He works as a passive support for your other minion or fiend spawners is what I conclude about him. Should have been average speed to begin with

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I read the thread about this hero but I didn’t find any information about the demons. Is this right? I mean, over 800 any demon?

I this is the “Gerilla Fiend” with 50% health:

1742 / 2 = 871

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Thanks. Not familiarised yet with these new heroes.:sweat_smile:

The fiends/demons are beefy, absorb a ton of health, but in this case, they just attack for 40ish health. I’d like it if they applied an ailment… But i can see what that might be overkill.

I faced him today in the tournament for the first time. He is ridiculous, a real joke. He fired and did nothing. Even with a bad board, i won. He has no impact at all.


I think i faced him once or twice. The fiends don’t do much if you don’t mind losing health… And the minions… It should be better for someone slow. So… Maybe we need a movement to buff him to solid.


He will either be the joke hero of the event, or SG will buff him when they think we are done pulling for the good heroes.


He was the only 5* I pulled. He will be on my bench unleveled indefinitely unless he is buffed. I’ve faced him twice, and like Toum said, even when he fires it is easily overcome. Definitely not the hero you want from the summon

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Today i ran him and hanitra thinking… Maybe the reposite happens before the dodge… So the Monona inn theory could apply damage while your hero dodge and no damage was done to them…

This happens with sif and black knight, he reduces to 1, but her reposite happens before…

Needless to say… Dodge occurs before the reposite, so… Can even find that but of synergy.

So of course, he was the hero I got from the summon.

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Iam having second thoughts about giving him the mats.
As it seems he needs a serious buff otherwise he is a meh hero.

So instead of him I’ll promote Zekena!

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