🐼 Zhou Yu – 4* Fire / Red from War of the Three Kingdoms

Yes. I am getting 122/turn with a level 17 mana troop. I kind of want to try a ninja troop on him to see how high I can get it, but I don’t have a red ninja troop!


He is so worth it now he like a 5* with awesome stat but you can use him in 4 * event. He is my favorite 4* . Good for everything. Thinking about doing swaddle next. No regret at all thx


I thought about waddles… But i don’t want him hitting too hard that he kills the target.

I have zhou… But i really think I’m going to save the alphas for 5*.

I just got him today, how is he in this day and age with the game?

I still use him a lot, in PvE and in PvP. He’s not the ultimate game-changing hero, but his minions do help whittle the enemy down nicely.

I prefer him in PvE to PvP.

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I think he’s great for 4* bloody battle. Provides the minions for the pseudo healing, snipes to help eliminate a threat, and the dot from the minions eats away at enemy’s health. If you can pair him with Sun for family bonus, and another minion maker, they’ll get nice mana bonuses also


I like him. Lb 1, emblems. I don’t use him that often. But pair him with matilda and motega and that’s a solid start.


I think he is great. I use him a lot in events tourneys . I use a lot of mana controllers so his minions help protect them .

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So what was the verdict for emblem path?

I did attack. Increases his SS damage, the minion’s inherited attack stat, and increases burn damage.

If you plan on using him vs 5* opponents, I can see the argument for health/def, but I rarely use him outside of 4* tourneys


I did the same, attack. I do bring him sometimes against 5* opponents while raiding, he survives decently well. As long as he can get 1 round of minions up, he’s usually done his job for the match