🐼 Zhou Yu – 4* Fire / Red from War of the Three Kingdoms

I can’t really say. I play him in a minion team, so his minions are very often behind other minions which let them survive longer and he also fires much faster because of the many minions he recives, so if they die he most of the time get some new fast.

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Thanks, wouldn’t it be better to go attack health to give more health to the minions? Although at 8%, not sure if it makes any noticeable difference.

If 2 minions target the same hero, will the burn double?

i went health heavy for the minions…with no heal tourneys in mind. otherwise a mix of atk or def. i just want him alive and figure a little extra attack wasnt doing all that much in the end.

No double burn…


I went full attack because I wanted maximum burn damage, and he also does some nice damage with his special.

If I choose every Hp node instead of shield, I would end with 9 Hp more per minion. That didn’t sound like something that would give me a huge advantage for survivability. And most of the time in my team the minions get replaced rather than killed, so in the end it doesn’t matter much how much life they have.

No, just like every dot where it’s not specified (bleed damage) it overwrites and set back the timer to 3 turns.

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The OP now reflects the latest balance changes.

There is a bug report about that burn damage is lower in the live game (207).
This was asked from Staff. If they will fix the burn number in the announcement, then I will adjust it further.
Otherwise if the announcement is correct, then Staff will adjust the hero in the game.


Li and this hero’s hero cards are adjusted with actual damage as Staff confirmed that the burn damage in the balance adjustment announce was contained the number after LB and max embleming.

Finally done with limit break

Great hero, great stats and with troops over 100 burn damage each round as long as the enemy gets hit by minions, so quite long if you can hide them behind some other minions. Will definitely make a second for No heal tournaments (and great for all rules to be honest)

But they still ■■■■■■ up…

255 is not 264.

And here reseted without emblems

So numbers posted were wrong.
Sorry we forgot, it’s only for limit breaking.
So the numbers after limit breaking are still wrong.
Sorry, we just don’t care, go ■■■■ yourself and shut up. Nobody cares about the actual numbers anyway. Aren’t you happy that we release 74 new heroes next month. Better communication is something we think about a lot, but sadly it’s not high on our priority list at the moment, but we would love to change that sometimes in the future.

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Staff providing emblemed stats by always using left Talent nodes.
So maybe that is the difference between 255 and 264.


Yes it is, with the left path it’s correct. But it doesn’t say anything about emblems in the balance update post.

Just limit broken max lvl.

It makes absolutely no sense using some numbers from a random path. Nearly no one will use this, they could give dot at 4.54 and it would have the same use.

Seems I have to apologize…

This is a very welcoming additional info in the balance notes. Didn’t expect that.

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Still don’t think you have to apologise.

Ok, they communicated their mistake eventually, but what the actual F are they doing taking the time to record and present data using left side nodes??

What a waste of life.

Like, it’s ok…we’ll work this one out ourselves thanks, please feel free to use this time to continue rethinking current Papyros, er I mean balance

I have adjusted the OP with the most recent version of burn damage related balance update text.