🐼 Zhang Fei – 5* Holy / Yellow from War of the Three Kingdoms

Was fast tracking him because I thought it reflected back the SS, meaning a DD to all would reflect back to all but alas, it only reflects back to the caster (meh).

Stopped him at 370, will likely max a dupe wolf or wait for gargoyles.

He’s not bad for a sniper but I will max 3 xiahou dun over this guy, 4* mats saved along with 1000 emblems for some aethers to LB.

Xiahou Dun


I have already copied Zhang fei’s skill in the last few turns. So when Guan yu attacks and the defence down is reflected back. As you can also see I also have 2 minions on my side. So why is it still -25% defence with 0 minions. Should be -31% defence with 2 minions

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I would think because he is the lone enemy without a minion. See if the defense down was on you (your team) then the two minions you have would count towards it, but since the defense down has been casted back to Guan he has no minions. Working properly.

The -3% probably goes into effect at the start of each turn and since you just cast it will be added next round.

That’s not how Guan yu’s DD works. It is calculated upon how many minions are already at present
And it’s probably what @Yomagn-tho said and that is SG’s logic behind this. But it’s just makes this defence reflect kind of underwhelming. The DD should have been calculated on my side and then reflect the whole thing back to Guan, not the other way round.
Mine is just 2 minions, so it’s quite insignificant. But imagine having a full set of 15 minions and Zhang can only reflect 25% DD back to Guan
The same thing would probably happen to Theobald as well

Nobody really talking about this guy…any good or not?

Have him with 19 emblems. Hits like a hammer, the secundairy special is nice against Frigg/Morel but not game changing.
Not sure if he is worth the Limit Break, I have Zekena +20/LB and Poseidon +20 so not sure yet but overall very happy.


He’s a great sniper. He hits a bit harder than Gefjon for example.

The def down reflect is a nice bonus. I mostly play 3-2 and if I don’t get my tiles early the def down reflect is usually too late. if I do get my tiles I usually can take out one side. With the reflect I can basically ignore Frigg and Morel and concentrate on other heroes.

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You can always do this when you manage to load your heroes first, they are not a threat alone, so kill heavy hitters and you can kill morel/frigg last.

Working on Zhang Fei. Was wondering if two teams with Zhang faced off and both fired followed by Morel How would that resolve? Defense down ping pong?


The OP is adjusted with June balance updates.

Pulled him today. What are your thoughts on him? Just a regular sniper hero or more? I also have cJoon and Uraeus to do his job, but his stats - for sure - look amazing.


Standard sniper with a DD reflect as a bonus. Still useful in meta with all those DD heroes


Without minions, strong standard sniper.
With minions, excellent pick.
With other w3k heroes + minions = top of the food chain :slight_smile:

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The family bonus now contains the most recent balance changes.

Landed Zhang Fei!

I would love to throw emblems on him but all my fighter emblems are on Octros and Panther.

Currently for my yellow project Im leveling Gazelle. Should I finish Gazelle first or switch?

Continue with gazelle first as she is more unique

Just got 1000 gems from the museum
Did 1x underwild pull. Poppy.

2x Three kingdom pulls gave me Valen, and Zhang Fei

I assume hes still good and worth maxing?


Standard sniper of the Chinese portal with DD protection

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Forsure Saves you from any def debuff and high dmg