🐼 Zhang Fei – 5* Holy / Yellow from War of the Three Kingdoms

Congrats, it’s still a nice pull!
And his stats are amazing

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He can also be useful against a titan with def down special

Then he’s the wrong element. Should be green, since defence down is mainly from blue titans. And you won’t use him on alpha griffon that reflects yellow

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Does anyonr know if his special works as intended when paired with Killhare. I was testing today and he doesnt reflect the defense down when Killhare goes off. JF works that way so I was hoping he would be similar.

He works different to JF as he reflects the defense down to the “attacker” only, which technically means he would only be reflecting this back to Killhare. No effect on the enemies. Unfortunately this hero doesn’t have synergy with the bunny!

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Got him… & now stuck between, who to level up first.

  • Zhuge Liang or Zhang Fei ?!
  • Though 5 more darts needed, as last week completed Zuri for Pengi killer squad.

Do you need a strong yellow for VF or a strong sniper? I maxed and blemed Fey and he hits hard with no attack up or defense down. He will be a solid counter to both morel and frigg when attacking. Liang’s defense and health stats are bonkers high. So his minions will be pretty stout, and the fiends stick around. Quite a good dilema to have lol

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Most of these heroes are of poor quality, I see in the polls that they are definitely worth pulling and embleming, yet the comments not really positive. Will Zhang Fei replace my hero of the month Uraeus? I don’t think so. Personally for me he’s not worth the mats as I’ve way more important heroes worthy of them, Odin, Sif, second Devana. The new heroes are mostly just collector items, unless they decide to buff them slightly.

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Do you have Zhang Fie?

Dealing with Morel / FriGG, this hero would be my top Choice.

Uraeus comes out only in some war but no regular play.


Looks like he’s the only hero from 3K that doesn’t get the family bonus as he doesn’t summon a minion. So unless other W3K hero fires a special there’s no family bonus when he fires.

He is decent against morel/frigg, but c Poseidon is way better. Uraeus as mentioned might be too. An ailment block is more useful than just defense reflect. I’ll level, max, and emblem this guy because purple is so prevalent as tanks and I want to increase my yellow depth, but he kind of a “meh” hero.

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Sun doesn’t either…but he’s the only 5* that doesn’t trigger his own family bonus.

Just tested. No minion no bonus after firing special. Looks like other heroes summoning minions (non WO3K) will give his 2% mana, healing?!

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  • ZF’s family bonus activates when another - any hero triggers minions. Will have to see if undead horde triggers his FB.
  • His snipe is good.

Yes, there are other heroes who also provide similar benefits, but then I & many players don’t have those heroes. Hence, we enjoy the benefits of ZF or the hero we have.

  • Poseidon blocks but doesn’t reflect back. Reflect gives the benefit of using that EDD / DD against those heroes.
  • Uraeus is good, but is average speed = troop dependent and has his use, but falls in front of FriGG / Morel twin hits. I use him only in wars & against minion heroes most times.
  • Similarly ZF has his use, against specific type of defences. Double DD, DD/ EDD, etc… Though my fellow is few months away from seeing serious action :rofl:

While it may sound nice to do a theoretical this v/s that… but having roster options are the key.

In my roster Hannah, Finley, Uraeus, Ursena sit on the bench even during wars becoz of the defences being faced…


I get all that…but Ursena sits? What, you don’t face teams with offensive yellow heroes? You can take them out of the equation!

Since there are no yellow tanks in war at this moment & rainbow defence being still majority of the norm… Ursena becomes a regular hero. He claim to fame is holy reflect… and hence many times she sits… though I just completed her costume which is what I will use against titans to keep the EDD going non-stop…

Current fav dark 3-2 team for war is : Alfrike - Ludwig - Hero - Hero - Xnolphod. Another reason for Ursena sitting.
My favourite combo to deal with holy tank in raids is = Onyx + Panther combo with Gazelle buff. Other two fellows in the team are Heimdall & LoLo. Many Tims I copy the oppose dark hero after Panther fires.

Why does it have to be a holy tank?? Faline on the flank or wing? Spay that kitty with the yellow reflect! Drake/C Drake, Odin, Zekena, etc…let them kill themselves. She’s a purple Mitsuko basically.

There are 5 colours, so most times, I chose different colours in raids for my 3-2 or 3-1-1- combo and hence Onyx / Panther are better killers together, instead of trying to make reflect kill happen…

In war, I have shared above, my fav dark team which unseated Ursena & 2nd dark team is Onyx / Panther / Rigard = As said, roster caused these shifts…

i just got it, looks like Fei only reflects the defense down effect, not reflects damage, what if he encounters Ursena? will Ursena reflect back to Fei?

Yes, Fei just reflect the defense related ailments

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