Zhabog - 4* Fire / Red from Challenge Festival 2

Yes, and many people noticed that the S1 family bonus was basically a nerf because of it.


Did Zhabog lose his value due to the superior talents combined with S1 bonus?
It nowadays is easy to make a good team of c-S1 heroes, especially in 4* teams. If u use Zhabog, you lose these bonuses, thus is he still that useful?

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As long as you have just one s1 card in the attack, it shouldn’t matter with the 5% mana.

He’s still great for lowering revive by 50% IMO !!!

Does anyone have his card with LB+20? I would love to see it.

Thanks in advance!

This Is mine. I went atk->def->hp.


Does anyone know how the bard bonus works with 2 exact copies of the same hero? Since we don´t get a family bonus for using a copy of a hero, the bard 5% mana speed should apply to both of them, right?

So as an example, say I bring 2 Grimms on my rush attack together with Zhabog.

If I use 2 Grimms in original version (or both in costume version) I don´t get a family bonus, but both get 5% mana speed and fire in 6 tiles (costume bonus+Zhabog)
If I use 1 original Grimm and one costume Grimm, I do now get a (useless) family bonus, but no more mana boost.

Or worst case: 2 Grimms on the team means, Zhabog doesn´t work at all? Because same family (even without the bonus)

Screenshots show 2 duplicate c kirils give no s1 family bonus but do get bard mana bonus.
C kiril with base kiril give s1 family bonus, but no bard mana bonus


Does anyone know how Zhabog works with Sun Shanxgiang when he resets the duration of ailments on 3rd turn? Does it reset DD ailment to -44 or keeps the current value?

Thank you so much for this info! I might start building something around this :slight_smile:

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Zhabog resets the DD from Sun back to - 44% for 3 turns

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