Zero's insane defense team (Maxed Kageburado) Video

I am sure I made several playing mistakes here. Feel free to not point them out. It was 2:30am and I only intended on doing one last raid, then I got sucked in. It was actually way more enjoyable making this video than getting destroyed by this team.


Kage is not fun. I recently raided Jacabus and Steps. Won both but Kage is the real deal.

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I was actually really surprised that his triple dark + Guin defence team (with 2 Kageburado and a Victor) doesn’t seems to be able to hold many cups.

I thought it was a good idea, but you never know until you try it seems.

I actually beat him a few weeks back, but he was running double Kage’s…Now to be fair to Zero, he came right back and whooped me in a revenge match…Sorry, no fancy video, just photographic proof :rofl:

Was so excited to beat someone of his caliber that I just had to snap a photo or two


Nice video!

Stacking three yellows against Guin in the last try didn’t seem promising IMHO hehe. I guess you were just desperate!


Good video. I was pulling for you. :slight_smile:

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Since the purples were not doing much to Kage, I figured I couldn’t do any worse (which was not true at all). :grinning:


You could have won the first match if you killed GM with your sartana instead of Guin (2:12 in the video).

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Rigard can be better here than Sabina, he is harder and can “fight” with GM, IMO Merlin can be more usefull than one of your 5*. I think you should take 2 all team healers :slight_smile:

I’ve been waiting to see a Mother North\Alby combo but it hasn’t come up yet for me and I’m already annoyed by the prospect.

To be fair though I don’t think it’s very likely to beat Zero’s defense team without mana control heroes Hel\Hansel\Proteus, etc… You need to prevent resurrects because the game is still broken and allows dead heroes to collect mana.

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Really? Both in defense and offense? Never paid attention to that myself!

I had the misfortune of an Albrecht resurrecting 3 dead people who then all used supers and wiped my party in the same turn.

They must die with full mana, dead heroes can"t collect mana points


I tested it recently. They definitely do. Unless something changed in the last patch I guess?

I have alby in my team and when using it myself I never ever have seen dead hero’s gain mana.
If they die with full mana they have full mana when ressed. If not they do not have it.
100% sure on offence this works as intended. I cannot judge when attacking as I do not meet to many albies.


I noticed you haven’t been tagged yet, so let me be the annoying one: @Xero786

Nice vid :slight_smile: second one was very unlucky… she was almost dead… i think that if you would kill her, you would win that one…

I’m curious - what was his green troop level at for mother north? I assume he had a mana troop.

MN + Alberich setup looks really obnoxious, now I’m thinking about taking on that tactic. I don’t have Guin but I’m thinking Onatel in the middle.

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Yes! I was wondering why he didn’t take out mother north right there…she was down to a hair and her special was 1 move away from triggering

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