Zero war scores

Is anyone else getting a lot of zero scores in the current War? So far we’ve had 7 (both teams) whereas usually we get none.

Or at most 1 or 2.

Ignore this bit, I have to make it up to 20 chars.

It’s more common with field aid if people don’t play that well. All damage can be restored as you die, resulting in a zero. Strategery is key!

Yes, I realised that later, so I can’t answer for the opposing team. My team however was complaining of more dropouts than usual.

But seems to have settled down now.

We had a total of 7 such 0 scores. It all but completely ruined our war.

The opponents had no 0 glitch scores … go figure.

Seriously guys @Petri this needs to be sorted and yet again I would guess some compensation as we we aiming for a chest open.

Guys it cant go on like this, dont you understand that this is seriously hurting the game.

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