Zero war points - get flag back

I’ve had the Zero war points happn a few times. My suggestion is that if you are unfortunate enough to have this happen to you, you should get your flag back.

That means anyone with a zero score, gets another flag, BUT to stop exploitation - they lose the team they had lined up.

I can’t see why someone would try to exploit this because 1) they lose 5 heroes. 2) if they tried to exploit it, then going into a war, there is a chance that they would get even 1 point, so they wouldn’t get a flag.

This would not be the best situation (ie: the best would be to resolve the issue), but it would make the pain easier to bear by just losing a team instead of a team AND a flag. It makes you feel like you’ve let down your alliance, especially when the wars are so close.

I lost flag today due to connection issues. Lost my top team ND a flag… complete useless why do I pay to get seen off.

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Happened to me at 1.30pm just now. So frustrating :frowning: I am sure my internet is OK.

I dunno. I mean, I’ve gone into a war battle before thinking I could at least take out a hero or two out on a team and wound up getting ripped a new one through a combination of RNG, wrong heroes selected for my team, or selecting an opponent that wasn’t a good match-up. The end result? 0 points.

Landing 0’s is a good way to learn what not to do, who not to bring, and who not to challenge in a war. By gifting those flags back and giving you another chance, honestly, it is not very fair to your opponent.

Now, if you lose a flag due to an abrupt Internet connection loss or power outage that is out of your control, then I feel there is a reason to complain, but even then it’s tough. Who’s to say there wasn’t a Internet cable pulled or electric breaker flipped on purpose? The game doesn’t.

Except when - as described above - 0 point happens because of disconnect. Then there is nothing to learn.

Then my suggestion is to ensure your connection is good and stable. And that is something to learn. I never engage in a battle with a connection that has issues.

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So you can’t imagine a scenario where the issue is on the server side?

Your server? Or theirs? E&P already does things to help remedy their server issues, but they have no power over yours. There is no way their system can detect that a player’s connection issues are a substance of something within the player’s control or without (the player’s server). I wish there was. It would make issues like yours easier to handle, but there isn’t.

I was referring to their server. There are too many similar reports to discard all of them by saying the fault is on the player side.
Application itself can be the issue as well, I had a situation once where the game shut itself down at the very beginning of a raid, giving me a loss. I’m quite sure the problem was not with my phone.

While I find it extremely annoying too, I’m afraid you don’t have any evidence to support that assertion. Millions of players can report hundreds of connection issues a day without any of us being able to draw any inference.

As @mothra said, how could the game know what the cause is?

If I’m losing heavily (and I absolutely did this war) I’d love to be able to put my device in a microwave, block the signal, get my flag back and try again.

Lots of players have enough heroes to do that :man_shrugging:t3:

I never said it couldn’t be exploited, I just questioned the assertion that a result of 0 points is always the player’s fault.

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are you gonna sue the microwave company like that old lady who microwaved her cat?

Only if I make the mistake of turning it on :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Just in case anyone is trying this - a microwave is designed to contain electromagnetic radiation - otherwise it would microwave everything in the vicinity.

Placing your phone in a microwave will block the signal without you having to cook it!


I would be satisfied with a better error message. This “connection error” is used in a too generic way. My alt is on my Laptop, LAN cable. And there are still connection errors. Even while having a call on that machine without being interrupted etc. Really strange.

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