***ZERO The Fallen Horde, 5 SPOTS*** JOIN NOW!


Yes, I do indeedy… I’m mi55t x

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3 spots,
Contact Line: SouthernChefBelle




Little bit of an update. THE HORDE IS GROWING FAST!!! You could’ve been here from the ground up, but now you gotta be able to KEEP UP!1554493287603

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We are part of the Zero Family alliance and need fresh blood.
We chat, we always fight, even when we die, we’ll grow together, but never leave any flags unused.

Titans: 9*-10* – Min 5 Hits Per Titan A Must!

WAR: 6 Flags, Coordinated Tank Color, Cooperative Strategy and Attack Times must be followed! Opt out is optional.

Culture: Ages 21+ Only! Very chatty, obscene at times, we can be crude. Highly Competitive, yet with a Family feel, much like a group of rowdy siblings. The whole group will fight you if you aggravate one of them.

Age: 21+
Lvl: 30+
Cups: 1800+
TP: 3000+

Line app is a must!

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I appreciate you hanging with the family. I am missing team play, but not consistent. With a friends team now, 25 of us. We will see…



Of course the real truth here is that we know our Titans are too big for you now… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Got jokes lol lol lol


I love the artwork ads that’s incredible