Zero, single, or no tourney attacks to defend

We’re 12 hours into the tourney I believe and my team has only been attacked once. Other players are reporting dozens of attacks at least. Successful defenses are an essential part of winning this tourney but I can’t defend if I’m not attacked. This imbalance of attacks is clearly an issue. Could I please get a developer response on what’s being done to fix it.

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Yo same here. Got attacked once and lost, giving me E score :ok_man::joy:

same here… one attack. instant E score.
very nuanced scoring method. based on 1 item.
Basicly all or nothing. :rofl:

I’ve been attacked plenty and have a grade A score. I’m not sure how the defenses are selecting when players raid in the tournament. On the flip side I didn’t get many points from raiding others so that’s the draw back. Unsure whether my defense grade has any correlation with the opponents I faced.

Zappercat is absolutely right in requesting a developer response. This is clearly a systemic issue, hundreds of players are discussing it in the Line groups. We understand that there will be issues, but to consistently not have our concerns addressed by the people who may actually have the answers is becoming frustrating.

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The same for me also, attacked once with an E score.

@Petri perhaps a possible bug/sjould those of us affected send a support ticket?

In a related issue, one of my alliance members claims that she is getting the Match Not Found error when trying to participate in the Raid Tourney. This appears to be the same error we experienced in beta. I asked her to screen cap but haven’t seen it yet.

Same issue 2 hours and 1/2 until the end of day one, been attacked only once to get a score E…

Same here, i have only been attacked once.

Maybe @Petri can attack our defense. I heard that he has a player account :laughing:. Be sure to bring 5 Derric when attacking :wink:.

Note: still trapped at 1 loss out of one…


Love it!!

20 great ideas :rofl:

I’m already at this point:

I think I’ve been attacked 38 times, but I’m losing count, cause anytime I log back in I have plenty of new attacks.
In theory, if everyone can do 5 attacks per day and attacks are spread evenly, everyone should be attacked about 5 times per day, instead here we have players that shortly after the beginning of day 2 have been attacked only once and others (like me) that have been attacked 40 times.
I must admit that the matchmaking seems very improved this time, however the distribution of the attacks has clearly something wrong still.

For me it seems, that if your defence was defeated in first attack, there are no attacks to it later on. My alt has this situation, but my main won first attack and has been attacked several times after that, some wins and some loses.

I love the many comments about how matchmaking is improved but attack distribution is now the problem. They could be the same problem depending on how it is coded. Although I admit it seems to be a bug with when someone loses their first attack causing the issue. Who know sit could just be that jupiter is ascending, or the humidity is set to low in the server room, or a black cat walked across your path. They won’t tell us anything so its all conjecture.

The only thing that is for sure is the system is still seriously broken, it is no better then before, in fact it could be worse. It is not matching based on defense like the change log says. How many points you can earn on offense is random thereby making this a lottery not a tournament. And the defense point structure is seriously flawed unless significant changes occur. There are so many things wrong with this tournament at this point. The entire design seems to be flawed to me. I say its time to head back to the drawing board.

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I just got the second attack and won it. It put me at grade B after winning 1 out of 2, accumulated with 0 out of 1 from the first day. Hope you can get another attack too.

the match making seems better only because with 3* hero grade limit there isnt such a big difference between player. one can get 5 fully leveled 3* heroes pretty quickly.

I would definitely request help via a ticket if you haven’t heard anything yet…it may not be solved this Tourney, as I believe they are still working the bugs out…but definitely let them know of your bug!! :slight_smile:

Has the matchmaking been improved? The strong players play the strong and the weak players play the weak (and for some reason I play solely the ultra strong emblemed teams). I have alliance mates with weak teams utterly destroying all our alliances best players. It’s because he plays against weak teams. How is this a fair tourney?

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It is like playing in different leagues but having the league table mixed, isn’t it?

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