Zero score in war after beating enemy

After beating an enemy in war just now, I was awarded with a zero points???

Can you add some screenshots? It would be helpful.

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Also… did you beat the enemy did you both die?

Even if both of you died you would still get points for the damage given. AFAIK you only get a zero if you are disconnected before the result is transmitted to the server from your device.


I beat the enemy with all my hero’s standing

Maybe that’s what happened, but it has to be fixed. Maybe taking score as the match progresses not just at the end or autoplay taking charge of sudden log out

Yes, I gathered that from your original post. But the battle takes place entirely on your device and only the result is sent to the server to give you the points. If that message is interrupted you will not get credit for it as the server does not know the result. I am giving a likely explanation for what happened. As a simple fellow player there’s nothing else I can do about it. If you think it was something else you need to create a support ticket to contact SG directly.

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Didn’t know I was going to be given a score of zero after a win, didn’t take any during the game

Many (including myself) have suggested that in the past, or at least a buffer to retry connecting if unsuccessful.


Just had this. Got a good starting board after 2 tile matches the screen froze and got a zero

In wars, I use my more reliable mobile internet. I always experience unstable wifi connection. Maybe because there are multiple devices using my wifi at home: TV, laptop, several phones.

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