ZERO Limit Break balls for RAID Tournaments Rewards 5%

I always get 3 Limit Break balls for a 5%.
I think - It’s guaranted
This time got NOTHING

It was guaranteed, now nothing is guaranteed sadly.

Exactly what I predicted…

You can read here more

Or in the live game look at the loot and you will see that no Aether guaranteed anymore


It’s not, but isn’t the overall probability much better of getting a good haul?

3 chances of a 3* at 87%
2 chances at a 4* at 60%
1 chance at a 5* at 20%

The above are all independent of each other…

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Doesn’t matter if it’s overall better in this situations.

And I think someone done the math and in the long term you get exactly the same as before. So no advantage for either players by getting more or Sg by giving away less. But creating situations where someone gets nothing which leads to angry posts like this. Which I can completely understand

Here the post I mean


This is typical SG.

Players ask for a positive change to something merciless.

SG provides an update that turns out only to be only more merciless.

Because no way they could do a change where players ACTUALLY get something for their money/efforts.

Apparently these Aether Offers didn’t sell too good (wonder why, maybe players focused their spendings on trying to get all the new heroes they rushed in??? no no no, must be too easy to get aethers for free!!!)


I had a look at the odds and they are actually exactly as they were pre-change. You now also have the possibility of getting an extra aether (i.e. 5), but balanced out by the possibility of getting 0. But on average you are walking away with 2.61 3s, 1.2 4s and .2 5*s - which is basically what you were walking away with before

Well if you were lucky in the past, you could have gotten multple IIs and IIIs, now that chance got taken away. Instead you now have a chance of not getting any.

Was it so difficult to just improve the odds but not add the risk of not getting any? And without removing the possibility of getting more IIIs? I know it’s borders of rng and on the average it wouldn’t matter, but still the ‘here and now’ frustration is a factor for scoring top 1% and not even getting any aether. The Alliance Event rewards are reworked in the same way, by the way. And it will be the same complaints.

Yes nobody is disputing that overall nothing changed.

But than why change anything at all. No reason and the consequences are :poop:

That’s what I wrote on the beta topic, I just can’t understand it. Stupid, unnecessary change that makes players who are unlucky more frustrated but gives nobody anything positive.


Sure looks like SGG’s way of getting even with the players who complained about aether loot for the last CoK event. Posting a thread here. Starting a no-spend movement.

On paper, it looks like nicer : to have chance for 6 aethers for 5%, but with greater chance for zero.

Under old system, worst it could get was a solitary aether I . I had that before for 5%. Shrugged it off, figuring it was better than ZERO.

Another typical SGG manoeuvre to show us players who’s actually boss in this game.

Actually the Alliance quest now guarantee big Aether for top 100 players/alliances just like how those top complainers expected. The movement from the big guys stopped before the period ended because the deal already made, sadly for the rest will have worse loot than before. I don’t mind about the change in Tourney/War, at least it pretty much the same in long time.

Where does the above listing of individual rewards guarantee an Aether III for the top 100 placers? I still see odds <100%.

Anything that is less than 100% is not guaranteed.

Your “pretty much the same” presumably applies to the entire global participating player base over Nth period of time, with a now wider dispersion of “good luck, bad luck” loot. This leads to increased elation for luckier players matched by increased frustration for not so lucky players, likening this to a 50-50 heads or tail coin toss.

I don’t see how this change is a win-win for both players and SGG.

Because that’s the old one they were complaining about…

New loot:

First guaranteed 3 big Aethers
2-10 guaranteed 2 big Aethers
11-100 guaranteed 1 big Aether

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Ah okay. All I see is only 1 guaranteed Aether III for top 100. The other draws are not guaranteed.

Thanks for the update.

I just finished top 1% and got only two 3* aethers. I feel extremely insulted. I paid gems to continue halfway through after losing 4 fights. Is this how you thank customers? Great job, as usual, insulting and alienating your customer base.

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Congrats on getting something in-line with the posted odds!

Congrats on your bitter post trying to insult people pointing out legitimate concerns about how top tournament brackets should NEVER result in garbage loot.

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I don’t think it’s a bug but change in rewards generation process as SG told me to a query about my TOP 1% getting 3 Aethers 9 days before
in yesterday’s tournament loot of TOP 5%, I received 4 Aethers as in pic below :grinning::man_shrugging:t2:

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