Zero energy to the loot tickets

Why the loot tickets are not with zero energy ?? I do not see any use …

yes I have the automatic so I want the tickets?

People wanted a way to skip the playback of autofarming

This was devs solution

It wouldn’t make sense for the loot tickets not to cost world energy

The tickets are a way to instantly burn your stacked energy if you wake up during night, before work, when you are at a meeting or about to level up.

The loot tickets save time. Nothing else. Time = resources for some humans on this planet.
Those ministers and drug lords, who play the game spend thousands of $$ just to “beat” the game / catch up with everybody else in a week or so, so they would resort to using loot tickets.


ahh !! that’s why I have a million … because I’m poor as a rat … now I understand … haha, thank you

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A lot of people save them for when they have world flasks stacked up or an elemental chest to fill or want to do a quick level up for a titan

The loot tickets have definitely added something to the game that was needed for a long time in my opinion

Sure still watching autofarm without loot tickets sucks, but i appreciate the devs compromising with the player base. Shows they do pay attention


I just wanted them to have a better use for me and they were without energy … that would be great.

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