Zero Damage Fights / Lost Energies

Hi there! :metal:

I have been using the latest Blue Stacks Player for some time now. Unfortunately, from time to time it happens that it freezes while gems hit the titan or any other monster. Well, while I am okay with losing some World Energy to this I am not so happy about losing Titan Energy, Raid Energy or worst Energy used in Alliance Wars.
A frozen client seems to nullify all the damage you have done to your enemy. So, if you relog into the game you will see that you have done zero damage for example to a titan. So that’s exactly what the image shows. Don’t wonder, German language and time and date, so don’t get confused. :grin:
As you can see this happened to me earlier today. Not for the first time and for sure not for the last time, I guess :neutral_face:

As I’m thinking not to be alone with this issue maybe other players experiencing this can help “putting the pressure” on the dev team - if you know what I mean :innocent::smiley:
So I’m gently asking the developers for a fix or what would make me happy as well, a refund of the lost energies when the system detects a mailfunktional client. As it seems to recognize faulty clients indicated by the zero damage output.

Answers are very much appreciated!
Oh, and a happy new year to everyone! Cheers! :beer::sparkler::metal::smiley:

The name of my second alliance I am in is “Metal und Bier” so Prost Brother!

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Playing on a PC with a cellphone emulator is not a supported mode of play, so this isn’t an issue or bug that the devs will address.

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That’s what I thought as well. The thing is it happens on Android (smartphone) as well, since I started playing E&P. Maybe I should have mentioned that as well. Sorry for not clarifying beforehand.

Is this while using WiFi or 4G connection?
I fear there will not be much to be done to prevent this.

Actually it doesn’t seem to make any difference what connection is used. WiFi, 4G or a standard LAN Cable (for PC that is).

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