🏖 Zenuk'wa - 5* Holy / Yellow from Beach Party

Pulled this one along with another underwhelming Beach legendary. Funny I just wanted the HOTM or Secret hero, rarely do you end up wth what you want.


I summoned here because I like collecting useless heroes.

I got this one.

My museum stats went up one.

Will never max out the museum.

Actually what have I done?



I pair her with Bera… 15 minions cast 2 status ailments… :smiley:

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But when are you going to use Kvasir in your line-up in a 5* environment? He’ll get obliterated before he can fire a shot, even though he’s fast.

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Tv tropes has a trope that defines this hero perfectly:

It was just one example I could think of. There are other 5* minion summoners whose minions give status ailments that would also make good pairings

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The MTG card is a bad example though. The card costs only 1 mana and there are plenty of cards whose effect feed off discarding your own cards. :nerd_face:

after 2 turns… (state: 8, special skill level: 4 - 185 damage/status ailment)

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You can also increase damage with Matilda or telonius

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Insane combo there. Wish I had either of them let alone both