Zelines misfortune

So with the new update all of the fighters that are included in the update get an increase in their abilities while one gets a decrease. Why is she still labeled a five-star fighter when you basically made her a four-star fighter. Look at all the other side starfighters that do damage to all enemies and you can see Zeline is already hard-pressed to hold her own. It just doesn’t make any sense to me why the Developers would choose to decrease her power while increasing everybody else’s that was involved in the update. small Giant you might want to go and rethink this decision through a little bit more carefully because you made four-star fighters stronger than a five-star fighter…

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i hope youre trolling

please tell me you are


What the hell does trolling mean? I want to know why they increase the others and decrease hers.

The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet, using dialogue.


Why would this piss anyone off? I have a legitimate topic here. Or I thought I did.

Elric, you don’t deserve Zeline. :stuck_out_tongue:
Want to compare her to Horghall?

I don’t deserve zeline? What does one have to do to be deserving of her then? Please enlighten me

You seem to think the skill damage is what makes her special.

Not at all. I just want to know why they decrease it while increasing every one else’s. Zelines is my best and favorite fighter so what you assume to know about me is wrong. Don’t you wonder why they did that?

because zeline is overpowered?

and they buffed the other characters because they are bad, its common sense

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Well I don’t think shes over powered. Not compared to the other 5 stars.


then you really dont deserve her

Well I have her so I guess I do deserve her.

just cause u have her doesnt mean u deserve her


fast mana with good attack def health

hits all enemies fairly hard

smacks down all buffs all enemies (fast mana)

weakens their offense.

compare to the green rabbit and tell me she should be a 4 star.
(shes a fast mana skittle skull with a buff cleanse)

I have all the 4 star greens…none even cmpare to her.

She was definitely in need of a nerf…even more so since I didn’t get her…(which is the best of all reasons I can think of.
You’re butt hurt they nerfed her…and i’m butt hurt I didn’t get her…(although I got Thorne and Alassie in the same week.

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Its not even about that. It’s about making her weaker while making the other stronger. What you wanna do is argue and talk ■■■■ and what I want to do is find out why and if it was the right decision.

i just told you why

shes A LOT better than all other green 5 stars except for alby and competes with lianna

why else do you see her + albi on almost every top 100 team


True. Good point. I guess I was just pissed off that they decreased her. Thank you for pointing out why she s my best fighter. I guess I wss just being single minded and missing all the other goid stuff about her.

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Unexpected endings can be the best.

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Right I accidently made 2 of these and I don’t know what happened but back to the point, Yes I was informed very well why it was fair even tho at first in thought it was unfair. I like to talk and and inform and be informed. Idont like to argue and talk ■■■■ and try to piss people off. I feel better now. I’m happy with zeline regardless.shes bad ■■■.


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