Zelines misfortune

So every other character in the new update gets an increase in their abilities while Zeline gets a 10% decrease? She is already on the lower side anyway for a 5 star warrior and now she’s going to be even weaker. That don’t make any sense at all. Why is she still considered a 5 star when they’ve basically made her a 4 star. Look at all the other 5 star fighters that do damage to all enemies and then convince me that it was the right decision to decrease her damage and not increase it. What are you people at small giant seeing that I’m not because that just lite rally don’t make any sense whatsoever to increase all others abilities while decreasing hers when she’s already hard pressed to hold her own anyway. You might want to rethink this decision over a little more carefully.

Lower side??? Zeline is one of the top 5 heroes of the game including all. She fires super fast and after that your team hits so lame that she will charge again and again. I agree her damage was already low so there would be no point cutting it, but I would absolutely throw her defense stats down, similar to Magni’s.
She should be beatable more reasonably before she fires or immediately after.

Zeline is a lot stronger than you may be aware. This small damage decrease on the special won’t change much of her power, as most of her strength comes from the utility to remove buffs AND gimp your opponent’s attack.

shes nice but def not top 5

20 chars

In terms of an all purpose hero, she’s probably top 3 with Hel and Athena. Not as good as Ares, Alberich, or Guinevere as a tank on defense, not as good as Lianna, Panther, or Arthur vs. titans, but top notch for raids and wars, amazing synergy with healers on defense, respectable power vs. titans, and no definite weakness.

She is meant to be a utility hero to remove buffs and lower enemy attack, but she still hits like a truck due to her high attack stat, fast mana, and extra damage vs. ice. She’s ubiquitous on top 100 defense teams and one of the most annoying heroes to play against. I strongly approve of the nerf, and think she’d still see widespread use even with a 25-30% damage reduction instead of the 10% they are implementing.

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Thank you everyone who replied. I agree with a lot if what you say but I still don’t like the decrease. If anything leave it alone. And I was not saying She’s weak but she is on the weaker side of the 5 star hero’s regardless of everything else. She s still my number one hero and she has won many battles for me that I should have lost. She s a beast and I guess I was just so focused on the decrease that I overlooked all the other skills she has. I guess I just need to be happy that I have her in the first place.