Zeline's dispel is incomplete when dying to riposte

Attacked a Boss Wolf tank with a team that contained Zeline. Boss Wolf fired first, then I fired Zeline (she was not blinded, nor were there other effects that could have caused her to miss).

  • all enemy heroes were damaged but none of them died
  • all enemy heroes received the negative attack ailment
  • counterattack was removed from the tank and both flanks
  • mana generation buff was removed from left flank and tank, but the right flank (Joon) retained
  • Zeline died to the riposte

To me this result does not make any sense since if Zeline dying would cause the last debuff not going through then Joon should retain the riposte, plus at least the right wing should not receive the attack down.

Unfortunately did not think at the moment to make a screenshot but this should be reproducible.

Monk resistance to dispel

Think of her special as separate events. They will all occur, even if the riposte damage from Effect 1 causes her to die.

Effect 1: Deals 143% damage to all enemies.
Effect 2: Then all enemies get -34% attack for 4 turns. As earlier poster said, monks have a resistance to dispel when emblemed.
Effect 3: Deals extra damage against Ice (really a part of Effect 1)
Effect 4: Then she dispels buffs from all enemies. So Boss Wolf’s riposte will be dispelled but too late to save her as Effect 1 already happened. (See Kageburado who dispels FIRST, then deals damage)

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Correction: Monks withstand…they have a chance to resist negative status effects. Boss Wolf’s mana generation buff cannot be dispelled so not sure why the left flank and tank had it removed. Shouldn’t have happened.

If they took greens and had Telluria and had fired her it would overwrite the mana gen buff which Joon could withstand and make them think it had been dispelled off the other two. Sorc talent proc, if Almur or Locke was on the team and emblemed could have done the same thing. Hard to know without full make up of the team and what moves and actions happened beforehand.

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