Zeline removes riposte after taking damages-SOLVED

It’s supposed to work in this way or is just a bug? It doesn’t make any sense. I searched the forum but can’t find anything about it.

Supposed to work that way.

Was a change back in 1.7 IIRC to the way dispels work: order is now after damage rather than before… needed buff for the riposte heroes (still not very great but I digress) and made caedmon/sonya a little less uberalis at that time.

Panther, Zeline, and Dominitia are really the only ones this affects since you can just target a non-protected hero with caed/sonya and still get the all dispel, but generally this is why I keep Sabina around anyway in my raid teams.


That’s the way its intended with any dispell character in the game. Since she hits all targets you will take some damage initially.

Oh, i didn’t notice caedmon and the others to are changed. Now it has more sense :slight_smile: thank you
With gambling stance it is a suicide for Zeline to hit riposte buffed heroes

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