Zeline or Zocc?

I had Zeline from the tavern, and just got Zocc from the Atlantis summon… however I am leveling Telluria to 4/80 at the moment. When I finish leveling her, who should I level? Telluria or Zocc?

Zeline is much better. Zocc is above averange hero.

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@Ambassador_SVK Ah ok. Got you but why is Zeline better? I know she is fast and a debuffer but Zocc also has mana control

zeline :))

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Well guess I’m going Zeline lol :wink:

Probably mistake in text. In the name of topic he asking for Zeline vs. Zocc.

Zocc controling only one opponet and his dmg is low. Hero have averange mana and mindless attack have also low dmg. Generali we can say He only do little dmg and empty opponents mana bar. Zeline controling whole opponent team dispeling them, lowing their dmg on you heroes. Fast mana…


Zeline is one of the best Hero, at +20 she’s a beast. It’s a no brainer.

Ok thanks all for the advice :))

Zeline is better than Zocc, but imo it depends for me more on who you can spare emblems to since both will be used for offense (given you have Tellu). On offense Zeline is still better but Zocc is still useful too. I would still lean Zeline personally if you don’t plan on embleming Zocc or can’t spare Rogue emblems.

Go for Zeline. Zocc is a zoke (joke) of a hero.

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Well now I’m facing a dilemma: I can give as many emblems as I want to Zocc, but Zeline probably won’t get as much as I’m planning to max Hel instead of Clarissa (because all Clarissa’s emblems will be taken by Telluria) Should I still go for Zeline?


Zeline is one of the very best greens - Zocc is pretty average (not great, not terrible).

This really is a no brainer regardless of emblem availability.

Can I ask what path(s) you choose for Zeline in the talent grid

I leveled Zeline and now she is a regular on my raid teams and war teams. You will not regret leveling Zeline even if you don’t put any emblems on her! :wink:

Totally OT but would I be correct to suggest that Grave-Richard-Zeline would be a pretty synergystic center outside of the GTV cliche?

Thinking is Richard would tempt a green stack except Grave is there to burn them down, so better play it safe and stack blue to kill Grave, but oops if Zeline fires you’re toast. You’re not gonna stack red against a blue tank, so it basically forces a yurple offense is that thinking correct? (obviously those with 3x Kingstons need not reply to this thread lol)

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That would be a good setup! It would work well in a tournament and wars where tanks are blue. I have Richard, but I haven’t leveled him. I might add him to the list and try it out sometime down the road. :wink:

Honestly I’m just thinking ahead to when TV either gets nerfed to oblivion or made obsolete by something newer and shinier, and that’d be what I run for center trio. Of course I’d need to have Zeline but could always do Tavern pulls until I get her amirite :joy:

Makes sense! I have Zeline and I have Zimkitha. I should be able to put something together along with a Kunchen. Problem is my emblems are on Telluria and GM. Zimkitha and Zeline are only at +7.

By the time TV becomes obsolete I’m sure you’ll have more than enough emblems to give them each a few more talents. :wink: