Zeline or Telluria?

I have two Kingstons and Lianna leveled, tarlack is about halfway.

Which would be better to level, Zeline or Telluria?

In my honest opinion, it has to be Telluria.
Just look at the line up in the leader board.
Focus on Telluria and you won’t be disappointed
Good luck

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It comes down to…

tenor (5)

Telly is the new top tank.

Zeline is a superb general wing


Do you need a healing tank or an AoE hitter?

If you need a tank, go with Telly

If you need AoE, go with Zeline.

There is no bad choice here


i need the tank more

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thanks, i definitely need the tank more


Then you won’t go wrong with Telly

A differing perspective…

Unless you already have a deep bench of 5* hero’s, defence team roles shouldn’t be the primary reason for choosing who to ascend…

Having said that - Telluria rocks on attacks, once she gets going things are significantly in your favour.

Both Zeline and Telluria are great all-round hero’s - they’re both good for raid/war offense and defence.
Telly gives you +crit for titans but minions slow you down so that kinda balances out… Those minions will also make her less than optimal for getting high event scores - but you’ll find it easier to complete with her in.

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