Zeline or Lianna?

As for resources i haven’t yet leveled Lianna.

(I’m busy to level Magni and Marjana both to 3-70).

I’m having trouble finding potions for tier 4. So when Zeline is at 3-70 it’s the end :smiley: (She’s at 3-37 now).
I think i will get (have 3 potions now) Lianna to 3-70 before i get 6 potions. As is. I’m just wondering: Who’s better. If i’m looking at @Anchor 's table, both are A for titans, war, defence and offence.

I will get the choice Zeline or Lianna. Who to choose then?

(to be sure this isn’t mentioned: got bt, sonya, caedmon and wu @ tier 4 and almost maxed out. Rigard is waiting for ascension materials, so is Li Xiu at 3/60 :D)

So a nice team already. Please tell me if it doesn’t matter (I know Zeline is AE, Lianna just one) or that i should level one of them first for sure :slight_smile:

Zeline… Close this thread.

JK. But seriously, you’ll probably get more out of Zeline in both defense/offense than Lianna. Plus, you can always come back to Lianna while using Zeline…

I’m at the opinion you should level Lianna to 4/80. Because Lianna’s special will hit harder as stronger she is.
Zeline has a special where the main value is attack debuff and remove buffs from enemies. You can take her to 3/70 and get the same advantages. Her special attack is not great anyway.
So I think you should have Lianna 4/80 and Zeline 3/70, it’s better than the opposite. With Zeline 4/80 you’ll get almost the same except she will have better attack defense and HP stats, but for Lianna it will make huge difference


Zeline will do the same job at 3-70 but will have worse survivability.

Lianna will be able to 1 shot at 4-80

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Zeline for me.
That attack debuff is really good on titans, and she has higher tiles damage.

You already have caed and Sonya, so it’s not as easy of a decision. I could almost say do lianna, except you say you already have magni and marj. Two single hitters is enough for most situations in my experience, and usually you’re gonna want a healer or two and… a dispeller. Zeline is just too good. I say take zeline all the way

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The short answer: Zeline

The long answer:
Hero selection and grading is inaccurate when it is taken out of context. Which is better Zeline or Lianna? It depends on the situation, but each has their individual strengths.

Your context makes more sense for Lianna. You have sonya and caedmon, and so the buff clearing ability of Zeline is not as pressing. Zeline is fast and the attack debuff is quite nice for survivability, but Lianna’s ability to remove one enemy is also key if you were charging one opponent and she needs to disappear or be neutralized.

It sounds like you are not consistently fighting 4100 team power opponents, given that your heroes are either working toward 3^70 or are 4 stars. The game is a bit different there, and Zeline’s buff clearing skill is more common on the 4 stars. I’m thinking you would likely benefit from the flexibility of having Lianna and Zeline at 3^70 and may even like Lianna more than Zeline.

Your question however was “Zeline or Lianna?” and I’m going to interpret that as “who should I use my precious potions on when i finally collect 6 of them this summer?”

Your place in the game will likely be different there. Magni and Marjana may be full grown and you might be fighting more strong teams where you can’t bring Sonya and Caedmon. Nobody can argue with Lianna, but you might find Zeline is better when you are fighting buff heavy heroes like Ares or Vivianna. Also, I believe Zeline will be more effective at defense because the attack debuff being a fast skill is super annoying and keeps going off.

In that case, you may find Zeline to be more valuable at 4^80 than Lianna.

But in truth, you might like Lianna more than Zeline as well- best defense is strong offense right? This is too close to get a clear obvious decision, but if I had to pick one, I’d pick Zeline.


No question having used both in a variety of roles: Zeline… at 3/70 she’s functional, at 4/80 she’s one of the absolute best.

Lianna is second tier in green as far as 5* are concerned, and second tier overall now too in the broader meta… long gone is the day where damage was the only thing worth worrying about. Lianna might be better in some defensive scenarios (won’t be against every setup on every board though and she doesn’t one-shot end-game heroes and troops) but everywhere else Zeline > Lianna by a non-trivial margin


I liked your post because you’re commenting on the forums xoxo

Iike it was already stated “it depend”.

If you are lacking strong 1 shot hitters, Lianna is a beast.

I will mention that they do plan on nerfing Zeline a little bit with the new beta.

If I had both at tier 1 level 1 I would prob level up Zeline first and it is a close second with lianna

They’re both beautiful.

I think I would choose Lianna. Just lovely! :slight_smile:

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Haha, my luck again. I have one really good hero, finally I’m close to ascend her into tier 4 and then they plan to nerf her :smiley:
Probably the day I get my sixth tonic, the nerf goes out :smiley:

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When they nerf Zeline, my only 5*, then I’m done with this game.

I think it’s only a 10% nerf to the AoE damage, so that’s not so bad. Her other effects are what make her shine anyway.


When you don’t have many hitters, that’s bad enough.
When you have a full set of strong 5*, then you care more about her other effects, that’s right.
Guess in which of the two categories I am :wink:

If you already have Magni and Marjana Id say that you have enough single target strikers: Zeline.

The nerf is completely reasonable and still makes for her being incredible. It only nerfed the AOE damage and not the attack down percentage, which was what made her incredible at fast speed.


I’ve only gotten Zeline to 3/70, due to tonic deficiency, but I can actually see a player advantage to reducing her special damage, in so far as it means riposte will be less of a killer to take down with it.
Working on Lianna as my next green 5* right now, but will personally level Zeline first, though I’m not expecting that to be soon. Tonics are rarer than tomes of tactics for me so far.

If you are counting on Zeline as a hitter, you are using square peg, round hole. The attack debuff is the equivalent of taking a 4/80 max 5-star and turning their offense into a 2/40 5-star. It’s night and day. For a fast special to do that AND dispel, the could cut her damage in half and she’d be amazing.