Zeline or Heimdall

Hi all,

in Jan atlatis I was lucky enough to pull both Kunchen and Zeline. Due to a lack of tonics Zeline is now still waiting for the last ascension.

In Feb I also got Jean as my third Red 5* (others are Mitsuko and Grazul). As he is on the same emblems as Zeline I put him by side and wanted to stick to Mitsuko for my def team.

Now the dilemma starts. I got Heimdall from the S3 summons and In my opinion he seems to be great. Especially the option to use him as left wing combines with Kunchen.
At the moment I’m stuck with whom to level first Zeline or Heimdall. I see following team options with my rooster:

With Heimdall leveled:

  1. Heimdall – Jean (or Mitsuko) – Kunchen – Vela - Joon
  2. Seshat – Jean (or Mitsuko) – Heimdall – Vela – Joon

With Zeline leveled:

  1. Mitsuko – Zeline – Kunchen – Vela – Joon

What do you think? Which path should I follow? Thx :slight_smile:


Zeline is still one of the top heroes in the game and definitely one of the top five green 5* heroes. I vote for Zeline hands down.

Also, I wouldn’t have two healers on the same defense team if you can avoid it.

Zeline everyday, dont care about defense anyway if youre still collecting mats for your first set of 5*, you wont have emblems to make it competitive.

Zeline is a huge offense heroe who will help you everyday. Hemdell is strong heroe too but in a mature deck. So you can delay him a bit.

Ho by the way, mits is a flank not a wing.

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Thank you very much for your feedback.

It’s not that they are my first 5* max heroes. I already have those:

Maxed green:

Maxed blue:

Maxed red:

Maxed yellow:

Maxed purple:

I also have enough emblems to bring one set to 8 or 9.

My current concerns are that for attack debuff I already have Kingston. And I was planning to max Jean as I’m not very happy with Mistuko. And he will only be useful when emblemed. But he is taking the same emblems as Zeline. As Richard will not need any emblems (never actively used) I would have plenty of them for Heimdall.

Another option would to wait if I can get hands on Teluria this month.

My Zeli often dies @70.
Toootie may work at that point.
Therefore Zeli 1st then Toootie.
Telly would outshine both.

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