Zeline or Greg.... which one to 4?

I now have Sartana tier 4, Magni tier 4 and Delilah is waiting for ham to go 4.
Zeline and BT/Rigard are completing now.

My 4 stars are very nice, i’m now doubting… Zeline always was a no doubter, but now that i have pulled Gregorius, i’m having doubts. I just have 6 potions, so it will take another 6 months (assuming) to get 6 potions again. I can get Gregorius to 4 within 2 weeks.

So AoE and het other skills are very nice, but the special of Greg, isn’t that better?

No doubt leveling Zeline and Greg to 3-70 or would it be better for my team to take Greg?

Zeline, always… At this moment no one can do what she does at higher levels…

I confess that Greg can be better in Titans!!! Since you only have 6 tonics i would go for Zeline!!!

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If you want Zeline in your defense then bring her to 4.80, if you only want her to attack then pick Gregorian (for titans & events).

Zeline. By far. Like really far.

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