Zeline or Caedmon?

Her damage per attack isn’t super high, but she’s a fast-mana AoE hitter. She can do a lot more damage with 12 tiles of mana than most heroes, plus has two excellent special skills.

Zeline before Caedmon, IMO. But I don’t see a lot of opponents with Riposte (only Elena and Obakan use this among the 5*).

I’m like you… butt i’m having the ascend material
… so i will go for Zeline … good luck for you

I was wondering how to get Zeline if anyone knows?

Zeline is currently unavailable in the game. She is a past Hero of the Month. Apparently the developers would like to do something special to give another chance for us to get the old HotMs, but there’s no timeline, and there’s no details as yet.


How many characters are monthly heros? Is there any way that the developers could make it so there is a way to get past heros of the month?

The HotM to date:

  • Hel
  • Athena
  • Ares
  • Alberich
  • Musashi
  • Thoth-Amun
  • Perseus
  • Natalya
  • Zeline
  • Delilah

The developers are considering how to re-release them, per the Short-List topic.


if you’re doing that in order, Musa was September and Alberich was October FYI.

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now are they all worth being HOTM? I am pretty new and got Natalya my first month.

She seems to get no love. Granted you need time for her special to take effect.

They’re all valuable, at least situationally. There’s clearly variation in quality/value/versatility across that palette.

They are not all better than the best TC20 5* heroes though they are all better than the worst TC20 5*s.

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This is true, I just need to figure out this strategy thing instead of trying to throw fire in the wind and hope for the best.

One other question since you have been playing a while. Is Obakan (one of my 5’s) really that much worse since I heard he got nerfed? I kinda like him.

I don’t think he got nerfed since he was released.

oh so he got nerfed in beta then?

It was before my time in beta, so I can’t comment there.

Yes, in beta he had some extra effects—a defense debuff, if I recall correctly. He’s a B-grade 5* as he stands, which is okay if you don’t have someone better. I think he needs a minor buff—specifically, his Riposte should cover nearby, not just self.

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Your thoughts regarding leveling either Alberich or Zeline? Got Alby threading water waiting for that final tonic, but now I also have Zeline asking if she could have a sip. Also Lianne, but…

I’m thinking Alby - he’s helped me (my 4* team) a lot even at 3/70. I already have Caedmon maxed.

Alberich is one of the most amazing heroes in the game, even after his recent nerf. I’d prioritize him, then Zeline and then Lianna.

Zeline is even useful at 3/70–the key elements of her special don’t improve after you’ve maxed the special.

Wow! You have the 3 best green 5* heroes! Grats!

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Kinda curious as to why anyone would choose caed over zel

I don’t think that’s as much a choice as a way to optimize hero/team power when ascension materials are lacking. As indicated by OP.

The possibility to not trigger deflect damage (if there are safe targets) with Caed is a good thing too, but maybe not a reason to skip ascending Zeline. :wink:

I dont have neither one but based on matches I’ve been in against both, I’d go alberich allll daaayy