Zeline or Caedmon?

I can fully level up Caedmon OR i can level up Zeline till tier3. I Haven’t got the materials to level up a 5* green to tier 4. Which one is best. Zeline 3-70 or Caedmon 4-70?

I’d like to combine both to get a as good as possible combi. Have searched for this, but haven’t found this discussion.

Zeline easily, does the same job but a lot better and has -% attack

A lot of people would say to do the 4* first and that they’re better but Zeline is still insane at 3 70

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LOL I was at that crossroads myself today…I already have one Caedmon maxed though. But I wanted a second one. However, I’ve been seeing Zeline in action in a few raids and man, she does seem to be a huge asset. The fact that she has fast mana is HUGE for a 5*. I agree with Denys, does the same as Caedmon but even more. I myself can only take her to 70 but it still worth it… General consensus is “Just do it !”

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I have both Zeline 3^70 and an almost fully levelled Caedmon but I do have a fully levelled Sonya who is the blue version of Caedmon. Here are their cards to compare: (I borrowed the Caedmon image from @Rook the others are my shots.)

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Yeah, I think I’d do a Zeline rather than a 2nd Caedmon anytime! Eventually, the tonics will come along.

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I have the tonics but don’t have the Damascus Blade and the Tome of Tactics. At which point I’ll have to decide who to use them on. Lianna or Zeline… Doh !:tired_face:

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Zeline or Lianna to 4^80? Now THAT is a tough choice! (but a nice problem to have!)


If u have Joon then go with Zeline
Otherwise i dont know, dont have Lianna, but i do have Zeline around 3/46 and she does a beautiful job of debuffing ares, alby and riposte, plus her attack buff is crucial for weakening the opponents attack
I really like her and am going to push her to 4th when i have the mats
Zeline and Grimm are a great pair, he weakens the opponent’s defense while she weakens their attack. Her fast mana is undeniable too!
Can tell u she’s been worthed!

Zeline for riposte?


Wow. Nice bunch of answers. Leaving Caedmon 3/60. And level up Zeline instead of him. Thank you all. Hope this helps more people :smiley:

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Not to hijack the post but what is Zeline’s 4th ascension mats?



Thx. I’m assuming what I can’t see for nature is tonic? If so is it only 1?

1 blade, 1 tome, 4 shields, 6 tonics.

Yeah she takes a beating when doing that, melendor or sabina would do the job better
I have rigard leveld so i take him for ailment cleanse and zeline for clear buffs
So far they are part of my strongest roster, leveling others and with time i’ll get more options!

Raid attack, map, and titans: Zeline

Raid defense, maybe Lianna.

For 99/100 times I’d pick Zeline FWIW; spending tonics on Lianna a week before Zeline landed on beta was one of my worst decisions in game… Zeline is getting the next 6 and Lianna doesn’t get that much play as it happens today already.

Actually my alt the usually lucky account pulled 2x Zeline in a single 10 pull, and managed a Lianna rolling some for Delilah… I have to think about this some more but I have a Zeline at 80 already there and am thinking about where to spend my next 4 shields and TBH I’m not 100% sold on ascending Lianna over the Zeline dupe… AW is a big thing for me, and Z’s so good.

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Her special damage is quite meh.

It is worth get some damage for reduce attack to all.

Does Zeline Riposte? I need only missing charachter Riposter and debuffer. It will be perfect match if i have this lovely nature

So, I’m almost done bringing Z up to lvl70. I started giving her some mild play and man, I just found out that if you execute her special against heroes charged with Cyprian’s reposte, well let’s just say it aint a good thing for you. Specially if you have low hp. I won that match, she made it so much easier but she had to sacrifice her self after being hit with that brutal counter…I’m definitely ascending her all the way over Lianna, she can just wait a while longer… :laughing:

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No I’m saying she does a bad job debuffing riposte