Zeline debuff

Zelines debuff is not working.

In a raid, in world level, against titan?
Could you please provide a bit more details?

It occurred in the most recent alliance war and when raiding today. In both instances it did not remove Magni’s buff on the opponent.

Magni is an armor buff - he gives extra armor. Zeline reduces damage. She can‘t override Magni buff.

Wrong. Zeline dispels all dispellable buffs and applies the damage reduction debuff. What OP meant was probably the attack buff from the new war rule - this buff cannot be dispelled nor countered by Zeline’s/Horghall’s/Skittle’s and other attack debuffs. Here’s your answer.

Oh that‘s right. I just thought about the attack debuff and not the general dispell - my bad. Still he was referring to Magni defense buff also in raids not getting cured. But I don‘t have an explanation for that

Aeron effect? your opponent have activated justice or john on zeline? there are many causes for wrong debuff of zeline

In addition to being next to aeron, if an aoe hero is blinded, they make a blind check individually against each hero. So that would cause her to not dispel on a particular hero.

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