Zekena vs Topaz

I’ve got a nice problem to have, I drew Zekena yesterday, and finished Topaz a couple weeks ago, I have Aethers to break 1 more , trying to figure out which,. I currently have c White Rabbit, and Lidenbrock limit broken, can give either of them 20 nodes, don’t need either on my defense, any input welcomed !

Both amazing heroes, my vote would be Topaz by a margin but I love ninjas. Here’s a poll to help:

Which yellow hero to limit break?

  • Zekena
  • Topaz

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Thanks for putting up the poll !

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Zekena, not much people notice he can hit Taunt hero hardly while the taunt skill has been casted


I would prefer Zekena. He is one of a kind. His second hit is so hard it kills the target a lot of times. I dread facing him on the wing.

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Zekena is a big upgrade for defense down vs. Dark Titans compared to Rabbit.

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Zekena. Ninja heroes in general are too slow to use for my liking.

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If I understand correctly, you are not asking whom to max but whom to limit break, right?

Imho Zekena benefits more from LB than Topaz so I would go with him. Topaz at 4.80 with some emblems can fulfill her role as minion control successfully. Zekena’s role is to hit hard - the more stats the harder he hits.


Yes, I already maxed Topaz, Zekena still going up, you mank strong case for Zekena, thank you !

Topaz without a doubt and I own both. Matter of fact, zekena was the first legendary I fully maxed. Topaz is necessary given the current meta. She gives mana for each removed minion. Any hero that gives direct mana is EXTREMELY powerful in this game. So I always prioritize heroes like that. I believe she needs the emblems/LB more than zekena because she’s a bit more fragile and you want her to survive long enough to get to max charge.

Zekena is great too! Amazing for titans. As someone said, he can almost completely destroy Ludwig when his taunt is active. I think either way you cannot make a mistake. But topaz has saved my butt so many times. If I was just a hair shy of firing my other heroes, I could remove a minion or two off a single hero and fully charge. That has 100% turned the tide of a match in my favor more times than I can count. If you were going to put zekena on defense however, I’d choose him. Cheers!

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Thank you, very good information, thanks everyone for your insights ! Think I’m convinced going to go with Topaz, as soon as get more Aethers will do Zekena, it’s crazy how fast your weakest color can become one of your best !

50-50 lol, poll not very useful

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