🕵 Zekena – S4 Hero – 5* Holy / Yellow: Thoughts, Discussion & Summon Results with Feedback

Interesting. I’ve generally consider barbarian class meh. The 200+ damage per turn doesn’t excite me much. I’d rather have the time than the split second to deal that damage.

That is not 200+ damage over 4 turns. That is 1068 bleed damage per turn

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Whoops thought that was a repetitive victor ailment.

Nevertheless this is the best review of barbarian class I’ve ever heard.


Yup, and considering bleed lasts for 5 turns, easily a 5k+ free damage to mythic titans. And I’m only using 1 barbarian, more barbs means more chances to bleed


Just got lucky with this pull, any regular users out there with some recommendations? This just a titan hero or much more?

He’s definitely much more than that. Besides really good for titans he’s really strong on offence as well and will be solid in def team. I use him all the time (only he didn’t replace LB Odin on def).

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He is a beast! Basically a better 5* Noril/Bjorn, who are also beasts. He IS on my defense and I’m limit breaking this Mofo as soon as I get the aethers. Use him everywhere.


What is your defense team/formation? Good to know he can be an option there also!

I have Odin on my defense team also, have not LB him yet. Can’t decide on Odin, Wolfgang, or now Zekena.

I do reverse with C Kad, Morel, Xnolphod, Octros, Zekena. It holds pretty high.


Can’t go wrong on any of them. Think Odin and Wolf might be a bit stronger on def. Currently run reverse BK(LB) Frigg(LB) Killhare(LB) Odin(LB) Garnet, holds around 2600-2650 cups. In war I use Vela, Frigg, BK, Odin, Killhare. Haven’t LB Vela waiting for better blue.

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Finally got the king of double-dipping G̶e̶o̶r̶g̶e̶ ̶C̶o̶s̶t̶a̶n̶z̶a Zekena fully emblemed!

Happy to finally have a 5* Barbarian worth giving emblems to. :+1:


Me too. Titan, defense, offense…I use him in all set ups. Perfect guy!

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Here are my thoughts on Zekena vs Dark Titans. Please let me know what you think!


Love your stuff, patchy. Short and to the point with a great graphic.

Look forward to more videos!

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