🌞 Zandria – 5* Holy / Yellow from Contest of Elements

I set Zandria up for success. Ran them with Rhys and Odin to get the mana really going. The damage was nice, the revive often didn’t come up because they deal so much damage that unless a hero was targeted most of my team was alive by the time I fired nuking the opp. The part I was most impressed with was the Power Gems, with a 3/2 stack every turn I was putting out extra damage for doing nothing.

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Maybe someone can upload a video using Zandria in offense (3 / 2 mainly yellow). On Youtube you just find videos with playing against him/her bit not with him/her.

A has always been for females while O is for males
It’s like Maria to mario
If it’s a man, he would be named zandrio

Way way way over powered hero.

Why do you think this? Where were you struggling against Zandria?

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