Zamika 3 or scarlet 4

Zamika needs a few hidden bladesign to ascend. Scarlet needs 4. I’ve been using zamika(hope I spelling it right. She’s the lioness fire hero) although her attack isn’t as strong as Scarlets. Her hp and defense are both higher and she’s only on her seen teir. I only have 4 blades but I can’t say for certain that zimika is gonna be a better player for my team than scarlet

A maxed 4 star hero is almost always better than a 3rd ascension 5 star, especially if you won’t be able to ascend the 5 star hero for a long time. I’d go with Scarlet. I wouldn’t even bother levelling 5 star heroes until you have a few good 4 star teams (but hold on to them, they’ll be great later!).


Scarlett is a glass cannon though - Zim’s defence could be better even at 3-70 (someone correct me on this if I’m wrong)

The exception to that rule you mentioned about not levelling 3rd tier 5* over maxed 4* is Vivica I would say as she is amazing even at 3-70. Zimkitha possibly fits in this exception too because her fast cleanse is unique

I have both Scarlet and Zim. I’m not that impressed with scarlet tbh. She’s pretty weak even at 4-70 and doesn’t hit very hard. That being said, she may survive longer at 4-70 than Zim at 3-70. Been a while since my Zim was at 3-70 so I could be wrong.

It may come down to what you need on your team. Do you need a cleanser or do you need a hero that will make 3 opponents hit weaker? I had some alliance members who thought I was crazy for wanting Zim. But she was what I needed for MY team and she works great there.

Go for the lion chick. The only fast team cleanse in the game. Dont look at her from the stats only point of view.

Just bring her along for most raids. Her damage and elemental link aint gonna be much help but the fast mana and cleanse can save your behind. :slight_smile:

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She has almost 1500 attack with boldtusk buff and 4* troop…

Bold makes everyone hit 48% better :laughing: I run Zim with Bold in wars which works nicely as well.

Regardless, I was talking about Scarlet as herself without adding a buff from someone else.
Just not a huge fan. I use her on my C2P account because that’s what I have. I’ve left her at low levels on my main as I’ve found other heroes that are better.

Before boldtusk buff her attack stat is 920. Idk how you can say she doesn’t hit very hard. People literally level her up just for her tile damage, but if she’s alive she also has a fast mana hit and attack debuff which makes a 4/80 5* hit like a 2/60 5*

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Right. But a maxed Scarlet has 767 attack. Zim has 714 when maxed and only 601 at 3/70.

Saying Scarlet doesn’t hit very hard is misleading, when she has higher attack than almost every other red hero, including most maxed 5 stars (I believe only Guarding Kong, Azlar and Elana have slightly higher tile damage).


767 base attack, troops give her a nice boost. She has one of the highest attack stats in the game lol. She has a higher attack stat than most 5* heroes.

Still, not impressed when I use her. (Yes, I have her fully leveled on 2 accounts). Perhaps it’s a personal preference from using fast snipers. Or maybe it’s because she’s normally the first one on my team that dies. Who knows…I’m just not impressed.

If she survives.

All it takes is one hit from mother North and if you are lucky to survive that some complimentary attacks from her minions and it’s all over

Great attack stat but I need my heroes to actually live to make use of their special

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Why is this argument going on?

Take Zim for the fast cleanse and not her damage.

Scarlett is mainly for her single target damage.

Depends on what you want/need to make your lineup better.

I would push for Zim cause you dont have that many cleansers in the game with so many others having GMs and the like.

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I wouldn’t even say that. I’d just say Zim because Scarlett dies too easily

True. Both are squishy at some point for Zim at 3/70 and Scarlett @ 4/70.

What? No it doesn’t.

Her survivability isn’t that bad paired with a healer. And when she uses her special, the attack debuff helps her survive too. Idk why everyone :poop: on Scarlett lol. She’s fantastic in a red stack. Even if she does die, her contribution to tile damage is massive.

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In the seasonal event? I distinctly remember my 5* heroes getting absolutely hammered. Scarlett would have died ages ago

Oh idk. I never let bosses use their specials in events.

Sorry I should have said the event.

I meant normal hits from MN as a boss in the event.

In any case, I agree with you that her tile damage is invaluable even dead. But I prefer heroes alive to make use of their special.

Provided you can get buffs or healers on, maybe it might help her to survive but from my experience (limited experience) it’s still a struggle

I mean Scarlett is squishy, but still a staple hero in red stacks. If they gave her 700 defense she’d either be a 5* or an OP 4*. I always seem to be arguing in favor of unpopular heroes, but Scarlett is the one I’m the most serious about, she’s so good! Every single event the leaderboard is full of mono red teams and Scarlett is in every red team, sometimes multiple copies. Just like Grimm who is also quite squishy. Or jackal for yellow teams. #HighAttackStatsMatter lol

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