Zagrog doesn't bypass enemy Wilbur's share damage

Well, I am not sure if @Guvnor really mean “Ignoring ALL buffs” or “Ignoring ALL defensive buffs” in that picture.

BUT, that picture is obsolete now. Nowadays, they all can bypass counter attack and reflect no matter if there is other defensive buff or not. It look like SG consider that they are defensive buffs.

They are fixed in version 33.

Ironically, it look like this is the update that start “bypass vs share damage” bug :rofl:

@UroSecondo From this update, it look like SG lean toward that share damage is defensive buff. They just doesn’t make it be defensive buff properly :smile:.

There is a thread about effect order in the recesses somewhere. Will hunt when get home

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So didn’t find the exact thread but did find this in old release notes re order of effect.

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Yes, the effect of buff and ailment are now affect from the one that apply first to the one that apply last. But this doesn’t have any effect on this share damage bug.

I believe it was a reply to this comment, not directly to the shared damage/bypass issue


This is correct :+1: It simply activated first. In this case nothing else will happen.

Defensive buffs are: conterattack, elemental counterattack, defense buff, elemental defense buff, special skill defense buff and taunt. All of these can be baypassed.

Dodge and shared damage aren’t considered to be defensive buffs, so they can’t be baypassed, BUT they can be baypassed if there’s a defensive buff AT THE SAME TIME.

I know that’s stupid, but it’s really the case :roll_eyes:


I’ve just tested element link (because I wasn’t sure if it’s a defensive buff or not) and I had to correct my previous reply because my Zagrog baypassed Clarissa’s element link whose ability is special skill defense buff.

So, when it comes to any kind of defense buff activated by element link (specifically defense buffs), they become not just a buff, but directly a defensive buff which, as we already know, can be baypassed.

And, I was lucky to notice one more thing - I also baypassed Richard’s defense up caused by his talent (paladin) :smiling_face:

@u2371 @Sorvina @Kilted


Yes, they can. Both element link that increase def and defense up by paladin talent are defense buff.

But shared damage alone can’t be bypass except you have defense buff on top of it. I think it is a bug.

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If I wasn’t used to that, I would said: ‘Yes, it really is’. Unfortunately, this is how it has always worked from the very beginning :frowning_face:

Some things in the game are just hilarious :upside_down_face:


Yeah, before version 33, the share damage can’t be bypass. It look like after people ask SG to make elemental reflect can be bypass, for some reason, SG also make share damage can be bypass too but in improperly way.

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@PlayForFun Could you contact staff about this bug ?

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I have asked Staff to look at it.


Thank you for the reports! We will look into this here and update the topic once we know more.