Zagrog doesn't bypass enemy Wilbur's share damage

Yes, I know that C. Kailani doesn’t apply def. buff, but just wanted to be sure that you didn’t use other heroes that cast their buffs, so that you had spirit link + def. buff. I think that blessings/stacks are not buffs.

I agree with other things you said. I cannot test that, I don’t have Zagrog or other heroes that can bypass buffs. Anyway, maybe you can try asking @staff to clarify that. :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Dudeious.Maximus Could you contact the staff ?

The only thing I could do is to test C. Gunnar (thanks @Kilted !) with Berden +20 (25% chance for bypass)
So I run a few stages and I fired C. Gunnar first and then Berden. For about 10 shots non of them got bypassed.
Then I went to Atlantis 1-1 and the boss at the end, a moth, cast a def. buff. So I fired C. Gunnar giving them spirit link + def. down, charged the moth, it fired overwriting def. down with def. up and then I fired Berden and immediately I got “Bypassed” effect on them.
So again, Spirit Link/Shared damage is not considered as a defensive buff. You get bypassed in Ninja tower maybe because blessings are considered as buffs.


Well, that is absolutely inconsistent. Shared damage will be considered as a defensive buff if there is another defensive buff and will not if there is no another defensive buff.

Not like this. Step by step.

  1. Spirit Link only → not a def. buff, so it cannot be bypassed.
  2. Spirit Link + def. up → Spirit link is not a def. buff so cannot be bypassed, but at the same time a hero has a def. up whis IS a def. buff so you can bypass it.

In both situation Spirit Link is not a def. buff.

PS. OK, I know what you mean. I tested it again and when a monster had Spirit Link and def. up my attack not only bypassed def. up, but also spirit link. I thought that my hero could deal more damage ignoring def. up, but the damage is still shared but is not! So I give up, I don’t know how it works!

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I don’t understand why in the second case shared damage isn’t considered as defensive buff as you can bypass it.

If shared damage is considered as defensive buff, you can bypass it no matter what. If shared damage isn’t considered as defensive buff, you can’t bypass it no matter what. Unless there is a bug.

After all these comment, I just realize that there is actually another legitimate bug like this that I post long time ago.

There used to be a bug that Dr. Moreau’s passive is considered as defensive buff if there is another defensive buff and can be bypass. (It is fix now.)

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Haha, check this

It’s even more interesting. :joy:

So it looks like this!

Spirit Link - not a def. buff - no bypass
Spirit Link + def. up - 1 out of 2 buffs is a def. buff - bypass ignores all buffs! (not only def. buff, lol.)


Yeah. 20 bypass :rofl:

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It is because it’s dispelled by remove ennemy buffs

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How is this the reason that spirit link is not a def. buff? Def. up, counterattack can also be dispelled. The only difference is that spirit link is always a buff, never an ailment.
The reason why it isn’t a def. buff is probably due to the fact it can affect positively of negatively your heroes survivability. If paired with buffs, it makes your heroes harder to kill. If paired with ailements, your heroes can die quicker. Or that it doesn’t modify defence in any way. Or just to make everything confusing. Anyway, we all managed to answer the question! :grin:

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I said it is and did not say it was not

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One thing that just crossed my mind it may be considered a buff but not a defensive buff

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Shared damage is definitely buff. But for now, it is considered as defensive buff if you also have another defensive buff and will not for otherwise :rofl:.

Fun Fact : For now, you can bypass Kailani’s shared damage but you can’t bypass Kailani costume’s shared damage since Kailani costume doesn’t give any other defensive buff :rofl:.

Wilbur does give +42% def bonus so it is def buff?

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Yes, it is defensive buff. But if you apply def down on him, the shared damage will not considered as defensive buff any more :rofl:.

But shared damage is not considered as a def. buff in either case. Never. There is just another rule to the bypass.
If a hero has active defensive buffs and an attacking enemy bypassed them, all buffs on that hero will be bypassed. (not all defensive buffs, but all buffs including spirit link that is not a def. buff)

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Hmm. I think it doesn’t really bypass all buffs that is not a def.

Try “CB Berden” vs “CB Gunnar’s buff + CB Brirnne’s buff”'. Test if Berden’s ranger bypass active, will it trigger CB Brirnne’s rage or not ?

I think CB Brirnne’s rage will be trigger and +%Atk will increase.

But I have no idea how find defense with those heroes :sweat_smile:.

I have another idea. I try Zagrog vs Black Knight in friendly battle (or C Krampus). See if he trigger the rage or not when he bypass but I just unlucky to do it in all 5 attack. The Black Knight is just die from my Zagrog or I can’t charge my red before he fire and reach max rage :joy:.

I will try again tomorrow.

No idea how can I test that. :sweat_smile:
And I’m getting a headache from all of this.

Brienne’s berserk (as well as Guli’s rage) will go up every time she or their allies are hit, so in this case it does not matter if I bypass their def. buffs or not.
By all buffs in my previous post I meant buffs that affect defense/damage reduction, but are not defensive buffs.
For example: people consider Kadilen’s dodge as a defensive buff, because it allows to dodge damage from special skills and it increases (indirectly) survivability. But it’s not a defensive buff and it cannot be bypassed. But if your Kadilen has dodge + counterattack and bypass will be triggered by counterattack, it will also bypass dodge.

Please check if it can bypass “Just a flesh wound” :slight_smile:

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Really, I never try that before. I will try if Zagrog always bypass Kadilen’s dodge or not if there is another defensive buff :slightly_smiling_face:.

My Zagrog always bypass “Just a flesh wound”. It seem to be considered as defensive buff :slightly_smiling_face:.

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