Zagrog and Wu kong

Has anyone else noticed that Zagrog, and Wu Kong don’t complete each other with the skill. Example when I activate the wu Kong skill the only hero that is without the 185% attack bonus is Zagrog. Is it just a bug in my game? I haven’t seen anyone complain yet.

Zagrog is immune to all effects that influence attack




^from Zagrog’s thread


This… Is why i think zagrog is not a great hero. Can’t even use boldtusk to increase his attack.

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I already took the picture so might as well post it.

As @Ruskin505 and @Kenji69666 said, it’s Zagrog’s passive ability.

Zagrog will resist any attack buff or debuff. One more thing, if the special includes more than just the attack buff/debuff, he resists it all - for example, Gazelle’s dance or Wu Kong’s miss.


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