Zagrog and Gazelle

Zagrog has an innate resistance to attack buffs. Gazelle provides a single buff that has both an attack and a defense element. However, Zagrog’s innate resistance to attack buffs prevents him from taking on Gazelle’s buff at all, so he misses out on the defensive aspect of Gazelle’s special power.

I’m not sure if there’s an easy fix to that, other than splitting Gazelle’s buff into two effects: one for the attack buff and one for the defensive buff.

Just putting it out there in case there’s a desire to address the issue.

This is how it was from beta by all accounts, and the same for some HotM elemental buffs which affect attk plus Def don’t apply to him either. From what have seen appears to be working as intended from there.


This is what I would expect based on corrosive effects

I agree this isn’t right. Losing the attack buff is one thing, but losing the defense buff, immunity to new ailments, etc doesn’t seem right to me. Gazelle provides multiple buffs as stated but zagrog is only supposed to resist attack buffs.

I think SG needs to find a way to remedy this…,


I disagree here. Not every single hero has to stack with every single other hero. The mechanics of the game is working as intended. When you build your Titan teams for long term success you get a feel for what stacks with what. Same as raiding teams. The game is intended for you to figure out your roster for your success. Copy and pasting strategies does not always work for others. Best of luck!

We’ll have to agree to disagree. Zagrog is supposed to resist attack buffs, not defensive buffs. In the case of gazelle he’s resisting all components of her buff.

It’s one buff that has two variables incorporated into it. They can’t split it because it would make for unintended consequences, such as making her stronger in buff booster tournaments to start with.

IMO it’s working as intended. It’s is a single buff, which she has had for years. If another hero cannot benefit from one of the aspects of that single buff, then they won’t get to benefit from her buff at all.

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