Zagrog – 5* Fire / Red - March 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

But he is target and nearby. And Iris with the same range is only 325%

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But minor to nearby. Not 3 full hits.

Does SouL Link (from e.g. Wilbur) count als defensive buff? If yes he would really synergise with Wilbur and be a good counter to the Soul link Heroes like Aegir and Wilbur.

Still comparison with strict snipers is not very informative.
cRichard has 435%, but much lower stats. Thorne has 480, but also much lower stats.
From new event heroes: Asterius is 360%, Faline is 330%, Kwinto 320%, Saoirse 315%, although they are full hit-3, not minor to nearby.

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I like him. Would be quite happy to get him as an extra during spring event when using EHTS. Also looks a good counter to the Haldur minion

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Two questions about this hero.

  • his ability to bypass defensive buffs, how this works with taunt? He attacks target and nearbys if automaticly bypass taunt, right?
  • any idea how his passive works in tower event? Is he able to get those attack stacks?

It was impossible to test this, but based on the description most likely he does not got the attack related stacks…

  • c-Chao + c-Renfeld

It should not bypass taunt (Cobalt has the same bypass and it does not work against taunt). Also does not work against dodge.

It should not get them according to description

Overall he is a very good hero though. He hits harder than Master Lepus (still considered a good hero) and he has some extra stuff. The only disadvantage is that he does not take attack up, but you can use him with defense debuffers.


@The_Seeker I totally missed that part of the card, I really have to pay attention to those passives. I hate when they cripple heroes to balance them. I still really like this guy. He’s be one of the most useful HOTMs I’ve gotten so far.

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Can someone who got Zagrog test if he gains 20% mana for each buff per person? Or is it capped at 1 buff per person, etc?


Think this was tested in beta, they confirmed it’s 20% if ANY buffs were bypassed. So it’s only once 20% and NOT 20% per defensive buff.


I can confirm what @yoyotje has written.


A Foreign Language részen kívül ha lehetséges csak angolul írjál légyszíves.

Translation of @Bubu’s post:
I have received and Epic Hero Token today from a chest, and it gave me Zagrog as a Bonus.

My message to Bubu above:
I have asked Bubu to use English outside of the Foreign Language section.


I voted Zagrog as “Little weaker than most”

Summary: he does a lot of different things that can help against top heroes, but I don’t see myself using him even with my f2p roster. I’d probably still use Marjana over Zagrog for the faster mana speed. I don’t think he does enough to effectively overcome the enemies he is designed to overcome.

Here’s some quick math about damage comparing to Kravekrush (a recent hero) and Thorne (old school). Note damage is just to one as they all do minor to nearby.

Hero Attack Special % Total Damage
Zagrog 772 430% 3,320
Kravekrush 786 430% 3,380
Thorne 638 480% 3,062
CB Thorne 669 480% 3,211

All are relatively in line with Kravekrush beating out Zagrog.
Outside of secondary effects, passives, family bonuses they’ll all hit for similar special damage Zagrog and Kravekrush do have nicer base stats.

Zagrog resists attack buffs and ailments. Not a huge deal. If I could magically add this attack limitation to all of my heroes, I’d probably take it so I’m not punished by attack down. It’s neutral and potentially even a bonus. You do lose out on synergy here though.

The resist to mana stacks is where I see more benefit from Zagrog since mana is so fundamental to gameplay.

His two resists help limit the effect of top fiend dealers like Elizabeth and Hannah.

Bypassing defensive buffs should help with Ferant, Freya, Krampus, Ludwig.

Zagrog has bits and pieces that help fighting against some of these common heroes seen in top defenses. But is this the strategy I want to go with?

He can go through the buffs, but he doesn’t help the rest of your team. Say you play mono and use him, the enemy still has that same defensive buff for the other four heroes in your line up.

If he was fast, I’d love to have him and replace my top two red sniper options (Marjana and Tyr). But at average speed I don’t see myself using him too often. I probably would still be using Marjana and Tyr over Zagrog.

I imagine he’d be better received if you replaced his bypasses with a dispel. I often find myself prefer a dispel to all rather than a bypass. This sets up the rest of the team. Even buff blocking would help here.

Maybe he’s your anti Alfrike option in rush war?


No thank you. Think about the Titans man! Miki, Tarlak, etc. would be worthless.


I don’t have Miki or Tarlak so no worries there.

The point still applies to all Titan attacks and events. But for raids/war, I’d be fine with no attack changes.

Oh… that’s a bummer. He isn’t as good then.

If only there was a way to cleanse attack down or overwrite it with attack up instead of taking a crippling and totally unnecessary limitation… :thinking:

It is kind of a big deal though - to the extent anything in a mobile game can be anyway. This negative resistance makes no sense whatsoever. It’s not like he’d be a destroyer of worlds without it.

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Why is everyone getting the HOTM already? There hasn’t been an event. Do people really pull the regular portal or the elemental summon?