Zagrog – 5* Fire / Red - March 2022 HOTM (Hero of the Month) -- Initial Release

Tested and no


Thank you!


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i would say that is a bug

coz he is useless for mythic titan, events and on tower

I think it makes sense. He’s not bypassing anything because yellow def up doesn’t do anything to him. OTOH if it were Ahmose, I would expect him to get the mana since Ahmose reflects red.

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If it’s yellow def then he’s not bypassing it cuz it’s not affecting him hence no mana boost.

I don’t know if this was mentioned, but thought I’d mention it. In S4, the biome effects have a -90% mana generation on red heroes. Zagrog is unaffected by it. Made it easy to fill the green chest during the event using him.