Zagrog +20% attack in the magic tower

Zagrog cant get any attack boost right?:thinking:

Is it from a blessing? I guess that’s not a status effect or buff. But not exactly what I would have assumed.


Blessing on attack is a buff only replaced with the another word lol

i think it’s the default 20% attack. on which you stack after

i also saw on upper impossible levels when the defense down gets lowered, the -44% from isarnia is shown, but only -22% was calculated (when only 50% was allowed) >>> meaning a, probably intended, display bug

and probably this attack one is also intended since is not something shown on the hero, something like a passive boost

anyway it’s just the failed tower event… :roll_eyes:

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I would assume the person who took the screenshot chose the +5% attack minor blessing 4 times. That (and the +def, +health) does not appear on the cards, and thus, Zagrog is allowed to get it. I assume also that the +attack stack pops up with a resist every turn for Zagrog. But since this one doesn’t appear on the card, there is never the chance for him to resist it.


Anyway i guess devs knew about it…but i cant delete this post
So let it sink
Thanks guys i was thinking zagrog shouldnt get anything related to his sword even the tower blessing which i was referring as +20%