Yunan or Rana are they worth it?

SG could also be misinterpreting the data and simply counting wins with a certain tank regardless of the team behind the tank. For example, putting 3 Gravemakers behind any tank would skew that tank’s win rate higher. :sweat_smile:

Just sayin’… could you record your revenge?

And in all seriousness there is a huge selection bias here. People underestimate unpopular tanks and are more likely to hit them and then lose. I’m taking advantage of this in my cup dropping team.


Hahaha… Shhh… There will be no trade secrets revealed here. :smile:

I do have vids for you, looked you up on PvP but didn’t see you. Don’t think I have your line contact but no worries, I’ll get it…

Also, great point on the tank bias. There are other variables that weigh in on a Defense win, many if which have nothing to do with the tank. Unfavorable tile drops for one…


Around 6 months. I’ve been saving since the Christmas event ended. But there’s purchased EHT in there too, because some of the cheap gem deals include them.


Still an impressive tally. Best of luck to you in two weeks!


Holy crap!!! I have saved since Xmas as well. And I purchased at least some of the offers with EHT in them, but not all of them. I’ve stored up 18. As actual drops go, I’ve gotten very few. The vast majority of the ones I have are either from various event levels, or the purchased ones.

I get ETT drops like they are going out of style, not even including the occasional Recruits II mission. I get them everywhere. But very few EHT’s. I wish I’d kept track of those drops, I’d be curious to actually see the trend. But alas, I am lazy!

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Oddly, I’ve picked up 7 EHT’s in the last week plus. I didn’t track it but it was something like a raid tournament, a regular chest, an elemental chest, a titan chest, etc. Very rare for me to get the ETT’s though.

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Especially with strawberries!


That RNG sure is streaky! It’s nice when it streaks high, right? Probably 3-4 months ago, I hit a streak where in a span of 48 hours, I got 3 telescopes. I think it was MV, Titan, and an elemental chest, something along those lines.


Only Rana would be so bold as to give to give you the raspberry?


Thanks! Likewise!

Also, you’re actually a slight favorite to get Seshat. While 77 is the expected number of pulls to get her if you draw to infinity, the 50/50 point is actually 41 pulls. This is because of the radical asymmetry of the distribution.

I do keep track. ETT are dramatically more common.


I’m so glad someone gets my spaceballs references on here.


Every summoning gate, I’m now going to be thinking about the merch scene in Yogurt’s cave. Thanks…




Im hoping for Rana i really like her

965 total defense when maxed out… send in 3 gm I’ll eat them for breakfast


when will be the next sand empire in 2020?

Last year it started towards the end of June I think so we should expect the same this year.

Also we can expect new heroes this year.

According to the 2020 Sneak Peak, there is going to be a revamp of the 4 Seasonal Events which will include heroes etc…

Whether there will be new heroes for ALL 4 seasonal events, nobody knows :stuck_out_tongue: Nothing has made it to Beta that I’m aware of yet so… Nothing Concrete.

Link to 2020 Sneak Peak by SGG Staff:
Start of the Most Epic Empires Decade Yet - 2020 Sneak Peek!

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