🌴 Yunan - 5* Nature/Green from Sand Empire

Welcome to “Buff this Hero #2”. My first entry in this series centered around Noor, which the mods promptly crammed into the already bloated balance discussion thread. Thankfully with Yunan his thread is small so my time will not quite be as wasted.


Maxed Stats
Atk 618 Def 815 Health 1437

Special Skill

~Sand Storm~

Mana Speed: Slow

Effect 1: Deals 161% damage to all enemies
Effect 2: All enemies receive 339 damage over 3 turns
Effect 3: All enemies get -50% increase for any healing received for 2 turns. This effect can’t be dispelled
Effect 4: Dispels status ailments from the caster


Like so many characters in this game Yunan was left behind in the dust, but even upon his release Gravemaker existed which made Yunan even more questionable as a hero. The problem with Yunan is that his special is underwhelming when compared to other Slow heroes, including S1 heroes who I will use as the examples here to further drive home my point.

While it is true that Yunan has a high defense allowing him a better chance to fire his special compared to many other Slow heroes, the issue I take offense with is the anemic damage dealt by Yunan, with exception to the DoT (which can be cleansed).

Let’s compare his damage output to the following heroes:
Yunan - 995 + 339 DoT
Elena - 1634
Quintus - 2017
Azlar - 1626 + 360 DoT
Colen(4) - 1310 + 348 DoT
Hu Tao(4) - 1266
Skittleskull(4) - 1347

Even against these Slow S1 heroes his attack is pretty weak outside of the DoT, with the DoT of course being a different damage mechanic that won’t be affected the way the base attack damage can. If the DoT is blocked/negated/dispelled though then Yunan’s base damage is considerably weaker than every other example hero above, even the 4star heroes. This is a problem.

While you might say that I am forgetting his other elements, I am not. Let’s discuss first the reduction to healing. While a 50% reduction to healing that can’t be dispelled might sound great, bear in mind a couple things.

One, at 2 turns this effect is very situational which is then further compounded by the Slow mana speed of Yunan. With a hero like Vanda a 2 turn disruption of healing is acceptable when on Attack because she can fill her mana at Very Fast speed allowing you to better time it’s usage and deploy it faster than most healers. With Yunan on Attack he likely will not be able to use it in time to disrupt the Average or faster healers.

Two, in the Tank position at Slow speed the Attacking team will likely have already fired off the healers by the time Yunan charges, but even if they didn’t and Yunan fires, his damage isn’t enough to really make the 50% reduction that serious (at least in relation to the damage Yunan himself does). So even at 50% reduction on healing you will likely get back all the health lost from Yunan’s non-DoT damage depending on the healer.

The final portion of Yunan’s special is pretty inconsequential as the cleanse only occurs for himself alone.


Like with any of these balance discussions there are always a myriad of ways of fixing a hero, so as always sound off on what you would want to do to fix Yunan.

The first and best option in my mind without getting overly convoluted is simply to increase his mana speed to Average. It gives Yunan a better chance for the healing reduction to have some chance of disrupting the enemy team.

The second option is to simply increase his specials damage percent so that even if his DoT is dispelled or blocked, he actually still has some decent punch. If the DoT is blocked when the above heroes fire, all of them end up doing more damage than Yunan by hundreds of points more or in the case of Quinuts, a thousand points more.
I would suggest changing his special damage to 210%, this won’t allow him to punch as hard as Elena who is more geared for attack, but still gives an opposing team at least something more to fear.

My final option would be to make his DoT non-dispellable which gives him a scary aspect and really makes the 50% healing reduction a greater threat.


I have Yunan Costume, and I was pretty pleased with tanking him for this past raid tournament. That is, 5* Rush Attack, no fire.

My defence set up was Alberich +18/classic Isa +9/Yunan Costume +14/Quintus Costume +20/Sir Roostley +20.

This is my Yunan Costume (def>HP>attack path for costume/Paladin class)

My defence was C, A, A, A, A.


The idea that’s been in my head is to make his health obstruction 3 turns instead of 2. Two turns can be waited out and three would pressure opponents more.

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