Yükseliş nesnesig

Oyun hiç yükseliş nesnesi vermiyor yıldım titan savaş renkli kutu yeter yıldırmak mı istiyorlar bizi neden bu yükseliş nesneleri verilmez para veriyoruz buraya
Game dont give items titan war clour box ı am boring why dont give items we pay game money please understand me

A friend of mine has been waiting for a ring for 1 year. But on the one hand, if it was easier to do so, we would get bored quickly.

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Bence yanılıyorsun belirli sayıda vermeli hiç vermiyor yüzük saat kalkan bunları almalıyız bir yıl beklemek inanılmaz adaletsiz eskiden veriyordu kimilerine geliyor bana neden gelmiyor
I think u are wrong they should give some items for users to wait one year its so unfair game gave items before someone gave why not me

Normal oyuncular için vermeliler üç dört kahraman geliştirecekler satın almalı bizde ücretsiz oyuncu değiliz her ay bir para yatırıyorum
for standart user they should give items ıf someone want make extra he must pay we are standart users give money for this game and need items

Hi @Muddy

You would get so many more responses if you posted this in English. A lot more people will be able to understand you :slight_smile:

Please bear in mind that English is the standard language used on this forum.


While this is absolutely true, this post is, correctly, in the Foreign Languages section

For those wondering…

Initial post is: “The game does not give any ascension objects, my light titan war colored box is enough to intimidate us why these ascension objects are not given, we give money”

Second post is “I think you are wrong, it should give a certain number of times, it does not give it at all, we should buy these rings and watches. Waiting for a year was incredibly unfair.”

Third post is “For normal players, they should give it to develop three or four heroes, they should buy it, we are not free players, I deposit one money every month”

(Translations via Google - not sure where Google gets “watches” from though :thinking:)

I translate myself ı hope u understand me

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